EC Rant and [REQ[ Raitaru all around good fit

(Sir Constantin) #1

Why did CCP made industry even more tedious and expensive for the little guys?
Like the POS had a decent fuel usage and we only need a few structures which were used to build all the stuff at good efficiency. Now we need a bunch of expensive rigs which cannot be changed or we need to make like 5-10 EC, each one with his own rigs.
Some will say to use the public ones. I tried and it’s even more tedious, you need to jump all over the map to find the ones with good rigs, then they run out of fuel, get un-anchored, or the system index gets really high and you need to move again. So WTF CCP!!?

Now that the rant is over, what fit should i use for a all around Raitaru complex for making Rigs, T1, T2 Frigates and Cruisers, T1 BC and T2 modules?
I mostly make them for my own use, tho sometimes I sell them if there is good profit to be made.

(Do Little) #2

I fit rigs for advanced component ME, copying and invention. My business is mostly T2 modules and drones plus capital BPC kits. Thus far it has worked out well.

My Raitaru cost 10 times as much as the small POS I used to use for the same business and burns close to 3 times as much fuel but the world changed and, given the choice of adapt or die - I decided to adapt.

In fairness, the EC is a lot easier to work in than the POS and my business is more profitable than it was back then in spite of the higher expenses. With the removal of POS bonuses next week CCP restores a level playing field - that’s all that really matters.