Some questions about Engineering Complexes

I am a returning player and have some questions regarding the new Engineering complexes:

  • can I use ECs belonging to other players, when they appear in the Industry-window or do I have to ask for permission ?

  • do they have unlimited manufacturing slots ?

  • is it possible (or a good idea) for me as a big producer near Jita to manufacture everything in these things (belonging to other Players) to get the bonuses ?

If the services are visible to you, you can use them. Though I would recommend to do a background check of the corp and a personal contact is a good idea. The main issues you face are: losing interest, forget to fuel, wardecs, not able to defend.

There is no slot limit anymore but an NPC fee depending on the popularity of the system for that job type.

I do all my jobs in ECs not owned by me. But I keep an eye on wardecs, and avoid expensive jobs running longer than 48h if I’m using a complex of a smaller group.

You can get screwed hard if the owner of the citadel turns off the manufacturing capacity for any reason. Your current jobs will have to be cancelled and you will lose materials.

Works fine for T2 subcap modules and other cheap jobs, but save large jobs (e.g. Marauders, or T2/faction capital modules) for ECs you control.

Setting up a Raitaru with one rig (the minimum to be useful) will cost around 1600m, of which around 1000m is recoverable when you stop using it.

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Thank you both for your insights. Exactly what I needed to know.

'll presumably do that anyway, just for the fun, but what is the probability at this time to get a war-dec if I have a single Raitaru very near to Jita ?

Work is minimal. If you can fly an Occator (or another deep space transport) it’s 1 refueling trip per 60/30/20 days (1/2/3 service modules).

War risk is proportional to how valuable your desired area is. If you are 6+ systems from Jita, and not in a 0.5 system, you will probably elude notice. If you get decced, have a plan - I just enacted mine and it worked fine as a solo player with 2 accounts.

Edit: Something else to keep in mind is how much your presence impacts the system indexes. My presence generally pushes my system up to 2% manufacturing, 3% ME research and 1.5% TE research. I maintain 2 Raitarus for this reason - one in a very low index system that only gets expensive jobs (eg dreadnought BPO ME research from 8-9 or 9-10), and one that gets all the rest of them.

Whether it’s profitable to setup an own park depends on your throughput and what you want to do. Beside the index and wardec issue, you also have a limited number of rig slots to optimize your production. If you are not specialized in one product category you need 2 or 3 medium complexes to leverage rig bonuses.

Highly recommend purchasing and setting up your own EC in a tiny Corp.


  • [High Sec] WD less likely
  • You control fueling
  • You know whether or not your jobs get done
  • Your stored items are safe.


  • All structure fittings, Rigs, Fuel, Ammo and fighters [if equipped], active jobs and their prints in use are lost when structure is destroyed. Only put in bays what is or would be immediately needed, store the rest in hangars.


  • Fighters, Fuel and Ammo stored [not in in their bays] goes to asset safety same as all stored items
  • Always make BPCs so you don’t lose BPOs if structure is destroyed.

You never lose BPOs, they are guaranteed to go to asset safety.

The wardec risk does not depend on the size of your corp, but on how much attention you create. This may be hiking the index other manufactures in system don’t like, hauling to Jita not using an NPC alt, using an Azbel, looking defenseless, just being too close to Jita. There are corps out there specialized on ransoms, and demolition.

Some rig bonuses are essential (e.g. T2 component ME, T1 large ships ME), others are purely optional (e.g. 20% reduced invention cost).

Rigs that give 2% ME generally take 20-30 billion in production to amortize that cost, and that’s without considering the unfavorable way the 2% bonus is rounded. If you aren’t using freighter loads of minerals or DST/Orca loads of PI, then installing rigs is a mistake.


You can set the EC up with an alpha account. That way you have control of the facility and it’s completely distinct from your main corporation/character.

Set up a different alpha for each facility set access permissions/taxes, and designate a gunner.

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While you all provided useful thoughts and information, I’m still not convinced to set up a Raitaru - except for the fun of having one.

The bigger manufacturing-time-bonus of the Sotiyo would indeed be welcome. Material-bonus is the same as with the Raitaru as i understand it.

I have a bit time left to decide that, as I’m atm working on getting my self-made software up and running again with all the API-changes (and missing to IGB-functionality) . . .

btw - is it true that the fuel-consumption of an EC is independent of its size and only from its modules ? So doing something like inventing or manufacturing something has the same cost in all EC-sizes ?

Same costs for all ECs.

If BPOs in use go to asset safety, that is both new and awesome news. Thx for the update.

Your absolutely right about WD. If you hide with pride, stay mediocre, manage never to anger anyone and generally stay off everyone’s radar, it doesn’t matter your Corp size. I only referred to Corp size to create that seeming insignificance factor to help stay off everyone’s radar.

It’s always been the case…since they were introduced into the game.

A Sotiyo of your own will attract attention. Lots of it.

A public Sotiyo will attract a huge index for each supported activity in its system. They are an expensive way to do industry jobs. It will also draw attention.

no, I meant, maybe I’ll just use a Sotiyo from other ppl.

But another question - unrelated, but maybe I don’t have to make a new thread this way:

Why can’t I select any T1-BPs in this BP-Calculator ? -

Haven’t used that thing for years and cannot find a useful alternative.

(I use it to check the formulas of my own software)

Hmm, works fine for me, T1, T2, … which one did you try?

Expect to pay a lot as a result of high system indexes.

You may be better off using an NPC station.

never mind - my own fault - I was experimenting with a NoScript-Browser-PlugIn