Had ME bonus of Equipment Assembly Array been removed?


I was afk and just get back these days, I was using Equipment Assembly Array for manufacturing equipment, but now I found there isn’t any ME bonus anymore.

I tried to google about it online, also tried to find patch notes in official site, I think it might be when the Citadel had been released, but I get no luck.

So, had the bonus been removed, if positive, anyone could share me a link of that patch note please?

Thank you.

Yes, they have been removed. I believe it was when Engineering Complexes were added (after Citadels).



Thanks m8

So, is there anyway else that I could get ME bonus except citadels? Used to be not that difficult for small pos runner get one, do not want to build a citadel instead :frowning_face:

Your choice is to use a public engineering complex rigged to provide bonuses for the work you do or build your own.

You need a fairly large operation to economically justify building your own - a Raitaru with 3 service modules and T1 rigs is roughly 2.5 billion ISK plus 400 million/month for fuel. Using a public structure will cost less but finding one with the rigs you need and an owner who is diligent about fueling the structure can be a challenge.

I also miss my small POS which did the same job as my Raitaru for 1/10 the capital cost and 1/3 the operating cost but the game changed - adapt or die!

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CCP is putting pressure on everyone to group-up a bit. It’s pretty economical to find a Raitaru that’s rigged towards what you’re after. You’ll pay pittance on fees, and won’t have to worry about fuel costs.

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Thanks a lot, that is a good answer.

There are a lot of freeport Engineering Complexes that you can use. The tax on them is typically very low due to competition. Bonuses are better than POS IMO. No fuel needed on your part if you use someone elses.

do you mean highsec citadels?

No, engineering complexes are a separate type if upwell structure.

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