Any easy way to find a station with the manufacturing bonuses i want?

So, i want to build some T2 ships…for which i need to build components among other things…

How many different structures am i going to have to locate and use to get the best bonuses?

Also, i’m guessing that if i want to build some T2 modules i’ll have to find yet another place to build those yes?

I miss the good old days when i could do everything in my POS…my one singular POS…

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Hover over the icon in the facilities tab and it will show you useful stuff like rig bonuses, system cost index and tax rate:

Caveat: the advanced component rig bonus doesn’t appear - or didn’t a few months ago. CCP may have fixed that without me noticing.

I chose to fit my private Raitaru with advanced component, invention and copy rigs for T2 manufacturing and capital BPC kits which form the bulk of my business. Thus far I’m happy with that choice. My small POS was a lot cheaper and more fuel efficient but the Raitaru is a much more convenient place to work- the world changed and I’m still making a comfortable profit.


Okay, so based on a bit of quick research i’d need these rigs to get the best boost to what i’m wanting to do.

Adv Large Ship
Basic Capital Component (i’m guessing this is all the ship components, non-“capitol” like armor plates, shield emitters, thrusters ect? Or do they fall under the “advanced components” list?)
Equipment (does this bonus T2 modules, or just T1?)
Advanced Component (Depending on if the above does T2 modules)

I’ve looked into the research ones, but they are mostly time reductions…and since i can’t play the game 23/7 it matters not that i’ll save minutes (or hours) if i’ll be at work not able to do anything about starting the next job anyways until after i get home. Yes they have a 10% “cost” reduction…but that can’t really effect the total of 2 items needed for the job, and if its only 10% off the job cost…well, 20k isk compared to saving potentially 100M on ship materials…now maybe if researching ME10 on a capital BPO that might come in handy…but i just don’t see it paying off well for shorter invention/copy jobs…

I’m still not a fan of the cost index, b/c it doesn’t really matter if you pick a low system, after a week or two of using all my lines that index is now higher than the nearby systems (atleast thats how it used to work). But whatever, its the system CCP has decided to burden us with…(glad they finally put it someplace you can easily find though)

But thanks for the info, that will maybe help narrow it down some.

And where are “ship components” in that hover-pop-up list? What category are they under?

If you will be building T2 battleships and Jump Freighters using your Large Ship Manufacturing Material Efficiency rig, you don’t need a capital component rig. Advanced capital components get bonuses from the normal Advanced Component Manufacturing Material Efficiency rig also gives a bonus to hybrid components for T3.

If you want to build T1 freighters, you need a Thukker Capital Component Manufacturing Material Efficiency rig in lowsec to be competitive - gives a 7% ME bonus.

Don’t knock the TE bonuses for research. The job cost is based on process time value - the longer it takes, the more you pay.

Well, by my maths 2% discount off of 1.5B is better than 20% off of 200k…

Thanks for the clarification on the components rigs…like i said, nothing actually lists regular ship components in the description…

Wait, so if i want to build T1 freighters, will i then also still need a “capital component” right, not just the “advanced component” rig?

Also as it stands so far as i can find, i’d have to truck my stuff between 4 different citadels…that are who knows how far apart from each other…i’m not adding a lowsec to that list.

You don’t get 2% off the total - you get 2% off each ingredient, rounded down. If, for example, you are building a ship that needs 49 of something - 2% is .98 rounded down is 0.

Freighters are built using capital components.


Yes you are correct…

Those are not the numbers of units i’m used to dealing with when i used to build these things…maybe all the ingredients have changed…nope…just double checked…the smallest unit number i can find on say a Kronos is R.A.M. Tech’s…everything else is in the hundreds and thousands of units…so i’d say that 2% will work just fine…

As for the units for freighters…your math works…until you build multiple ships in the same run…then it makes it 2% of say 144, which turns out to be 2 (of that individual part). At 6M per unit that is still better than 40k per research job.

But through the use of the Component Rig’s 2%, you get 2% off of the inputed raw materials to build the parts in the first place. And if the parts that make up the ship are worth 1.3B, then essentially i’d be getting 2% off of the 1.3B on the components, the another 2% off of the 1.4B when using those components to build a ship. I figure since i’m getting taxed to build at each stage, i might as well get some of a discount for each stage as well, no? Or am i wrong?

I agree and try to participate in as many links of the value chain as I reasonably can. I prefer to make T2 modules and drones - harvesting most of the PI and building the advanced components. Margins are generally a lot better than ships and I can haul everything in a Blockade Runner. I tend to run lean - just in time inventory. That’s my real world training. In Eve I should stockpile but it’s a hard habit to break!

I used to do T2 modules, but the margins got too thin when CCP revamped the industry stuffs, adding all the extra costs and such. They claimed it would work out fine because the builders would pass the costs along to the buyers…but the need for all the stupid people to be at the top of the market window just destroyed any useful margins for me. (i ran all of my stuff out of a faction large POS 3 jumps from jita). I tried to keep running after that, but found the higher isk per unit out of T2 battleships and freighters to be more inline with my then becoming more casual play style.

Used to make a TONNE of iskies on patchdays usually being the first person with the new items on the market…but alas, life got in the way and put an end to my patch day shenanigans :frowning:

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