What's the Best T2 Industry

Whats the best item to make in terms of T2 production funded by PI based on costs and profits. The first option I have are T2 Drones, but fighters could work too i suppose.

T2 drones are by far the best if you make your own robotics and guidance systems your margins will be in the 70% range. Second best is probably weapon upgrades - drone damage amplifiers, gyrostabilizers, magnetic field stabilizers, ballistic control systems - they sell quickly, even in smaller hubs where margins are excellent. Do make the advanced components - they all seem to be profitable these days and add to the margin for the modules & drones.

hello, can you elaborate on this? do you mean microprocessors and the like? if one is not reacting or breaking those down via ore, or however they’re acquired, I need to be getting them from market orders right? or can I actually make them without access to moon goo? I’m a little hazy on the advanced materials (sans PI) I get what robotics/guidance systems/transmitters are etc.

thx, sorry for stalking and hijacking the thread :sweat_smile:

Advanced components are made from advanced moon material which can be purchased - generally the best price will be Jita. You’ll need fully researched blueprints and make enough each run to take full advantage of the ME bonus - I generally make 1000 or 2000 at a time. Profit is 5% - 20% compared to purchasing the components. I don’t see much value in using buy orders - the buy/sell spread is very narrow. Access to an engineering complex with an Advanced Component Manufacturing Material Efficiency rig is worthwhile - reducing material cost by an additional 2%.

I wouldn’t make the components as a business but, if you’re looking to improve margins by participating in an additional link of the value chain, this is a good choice.

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so i should buy the materials used to create the advanced components, instead of buying the component outright, is that what you’re saying? so whatever makes the microprocessor im buying instead of buying the microprocessor itself, or should I resort to mining the moon material?

your suggestion of T2 weapon upgrades was interesting and seems comfy to me from what I have looked at and can do, I just have never dealt with the moon goon angle as i dont have direct access to quality stuff. like they would have in null sec, for example.

well researched bpo’s and good complexes i have no problem, so that isn’t an issue. thx for your reply looking forward to more knowledge :wink:

Moon mining is a more involved process, generally undertaken by corporations - not individuals. I harvest most of my own PI and some of my datacores (research agents) and buy minerals and advanced moon material.

In general, the value chain is too long and complex to do everything yourself. Pick links that give the best return on the time and effort you invest - and that you enjoy, Eve is supposed to be a game, not a job!


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