T2 Advanced Component prices

I am confused by some of the market prices for components like Thermonuclear Trigger Unit. Now I may be about to make my self look more ignorant than I am but I see the following:
Thermonuclear Trigger Unit being sold for 36,398.00 isk
The materials to make this particular component 2,782,246.90 isk
That makes each Thermonuclear Trigger Unit sell at a 2,745,898.90 isk loss
(pricing data gathered from https://evemarketer.com on 2/22/2020)
This was the largest loss I noticed for all of the Minmatar T2 construction parts. I know that some things are sold at cost and i marked this up to people not paying themselves for their time. This amount makes me think I screwed the pooch somewhere with my math. I calculated this old school with a calculator and then a spreadsheet and I come up about the same. Is this just the way of manufacturing in eve or am I making some huge error in calculation. Any help or advise would be a great help, thanks in advance.

short term high volume market movement plus some people trying to squeeze out some quick profits, nothing new

Either all these people are selling their wares at a 99% loss or there is an error in your calculation.

Edit: Just checked and it’s like 20-25k before factoring in ME

gah I was afraid of that I know the markets can let some items go underwater but this seemed extreme. I will check my math and ty all for the help.

Yeah, your math seems to be wrong. I produce those for around 25k each. My experience is, that stuff rarely gets sold under production cost here (and if so, just buy it). I thought for a while that it is impossible for me to compete with T2 Heavy Drone prices till i found out my math was wrong.

You got your decimal point in the wrong place! Material cost for me is 25,053 ISK. I build 1000 at a time in a facility with a T1 ME rig.

Yep, your maths are wrong. Production costs is around 25K each, without even Material Efficiency rigs.

It’s not really the case right now for the Thermonuclear Trigger Unit but for most of the T2 components, you must also build the complete chain instead of building the basic Components in Jita.

What I mean is that you must buy the moon goo and do all the reactions instead of for exemple buying the Fernite Carbide in Jita.

By transforming Moon goo to T2 Components with the complete chain, on some T2 component, the difference of production costs can reach 30%.

Your math is wrong. Go back to school!

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