Since when T2 ship manufacturing become such unprofitable garbage?

Most of my time I am manufacturing either faction stuff or Triglavian items, so just to try something new, I decided to take a look at T2 ship manufacturing and oh my god…could anyone please explain to me, how are people making any profit on this? Almost every T2 ship on the market is being sold like 15-20% of what it actually costs to produce it. Example - Damnation component cost vs Damnation Jita price

Even if you put on a sell order and it actually sells, instead of getting buried under dozen of other orders within an hour you are still loosing around 60m per ship.

Can anyone please explain to me, how are players actually making profit in a reasonable amount of time doing this??

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The materials are sourced directly in null, not from the market.

If you had access to the T2 moon materials, why would you sell any of it on the highsec market? You would manufacture T2 end products and sell those.

Not to mention structure bonuses in null vs hisec.

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Which is still an opportunity cost loss.
That’s no different from “minerals I mine are free”.

More likely it’s stockpiles from before the change to moon mining or some other recent mining change where in order to maintain turnover they sell below current cost but above the manufacturing cost of the items at the time.

Or just people failing at maths and logic.


The market taxes are enormous now - it is very inefficient. Plus, hauling around T2 minerals would be a joke.

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They pay the market tax either way.

If you try to buy materials, make something, then sell it, you are paying market taxes at least twice.

Some people build ships because they want to. They are treating Eve like a game rather than a business. Others are selling stockpiled ships or using stockpiled materials - they’re working from a different cost base. As long as those who are concerned about profitability choose not to build these products, the low cost supply will eventually dry up. A war, such as the one just beginning, should help!

There are lots of profitable T2 items - focus on those instead!


If you sell the materials, you pay market tax once.
If you sell the ships you pay market tax once.
You are just showing you don’t understand opportunity cost here.

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Ya got me, Gordon Gekko. Ya got me.


For myself it really isn’t profitable enough building stuff in my opinion because of a ton of nerfs and while some still managed to get some profit it’s better (in my opinion), to just build what you need for yourself and just pull profits from other activities.

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I built some Manticores before I realized that their prices were dropping like a rock. I decided to sell them at a set price for 90 days and see what happens. Part of the fun of the game for me is making money on the market, so this just goes with it.

Prices are pretty depressed right now though.

Some people play for the economic simulation - harvest, produce, sell. Others play for the military simulation - consume, destroy, buy. The game needs both, it’s a virtuous cycle.

If you had some Muninns available to put on the market right now you might think differently and the spike in demand was 100% predictable for one of the most popular fleet doctrines at the start of a war!


My tool shows that there are 48 t2 ships profitable to make in Perimeter right now.
But you do your own math :slight_smile:

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First you have to win the buy order game. I’m guessing your math isn’t buying materials from sell orders.

Buy materials from sell orders.
Sell product on sell orders.

You don’t buy T2 components at Jita sell prices to build T2 ships or of course, you won’t be profitable…

The best way to make money with T2 ships is to start from moon goo… Buy the moon goo at Jita sell prices (Of course Jita buy price is even better but for some moon goo, the price difference is not much) and build all the chain (simple reactions -> complex reactions -> T2 components -> T2 ships)

Better build them in NS or at least LS with rigged stations and you will make great margins.

It’s a lot a hauling, skill intensive but it is worth it if you are an industrialist.

If it isn’t profitable to buy components to build T2 ships, then chances are you should be selling somewhere along that chain before T2 ships in order to actually maximise your profits.


Pretty much this. If I build T2 components that I can sell for 200m (for example), why would I use them to build a T2 ship that sells for 180m?

Sorry, but if T2 components cost more than the final product, then something is seriously wrong with the T2 market…


nothing is wrong with the market
what is wrong are your choices and your understanding of the market
the market is driven by offer and supply
You have to choose the good opportunities