Advice needed on industry : building damage control t2

Hello i’m new to industry

I have recently conducted research into creating t2 damage control from scratch ie bpo original to finished product. my spreadsheet indicates that by doing this, taking into account datacorp cost, bpc cost and commodities to build said t2 damage control i am losing 418k per unit. or 4m per production run of 10.

before i go any further into other commodities is this normal for eve ? is everything basically being produced at a loss.?

I should say i am producing in a npc station but for minimal cost and am buying off the jita market costs.

thanks in advance

Don’t use a decryptor, and you can make a small profit. You can use to simulate different settings. Decryptors are useful only for more expensive stuff as a rule of thumb.

The common and cheap stuff has fierce competition, where you may not be able to compete without optimal setup. Profits there often come from market trading, e.g. selling in remote locations.

The real profits come from stuff with moderate use but is difficult to produce, e.g. requiring a lot of SP, high input costs, long research/invention/manufacturing times.

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ty Tipa_Riot

very useful info and ty for the website. That said i suppose better markets and increased costs compensate for the cost of data cores which i see as excessive.

I put 100 DCU 2 on the market this morning and expect to make around 100K/module assuming Jita sell order pricing for materials and 80K invention cost.

I harvest my own PI and build my own advanced components which reduces my build cost by about 100K - gross margin is now about 200K. The PI isn’t “free” - it has market value in it’s own right, but it’s a lot more valuable when built into finished goods.

yep i have access to that ty. but good point

I guess it depends on where you have your structure(if any), the price of the fuel to move the items.

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