Moon Mining

With the new moon mining will we able to obtain the stuff to make Advanced Moon Materials such as Fernite Carbide etc from all over the place now i.e potentially where ever there is a moon mining structure

The moon materials will still be restricted to low and nullsec, there will still be regional differences in ores and there will still be variations in rarity.

I expect Jita will remain the central hub for advanced moon material and advanced components. With jump freighters a central hub system is incredibly efficient - just ask FedEx!

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Thanks. I only ask as I have all factions, advanced component BPOs and was debating keeping them (I live in a WH), if, once moon mining comes to WH, there will be no materials to build from them ill prob still sell the BPOs

The word is that there will be moon mining in w-space and hisec. But only of T1 ores. No T2 stuff.

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If you have a bonused facility (advanced component manufacturing material efficiency rig) you should be better off purchasing the advanced moon material and building the advanced components. I generally build advanced components in multiples of 1000 so even a small rig bonus can make a difference.

Since the moon materials aren’t evenly distributed even nullsec builders will need to buy some of their material in Jita.

When I ran the BPCs through IPH, hardly any came in at a profit. I am moving away from industry for a number of reasons but wanted to maybe still do “exotic items” not that advanced components are exotic as such but they interested me a little more than regular items.

Building advanced components make sense if you will be using them for T2 production - a little extra margin for very little extra effort. I would not consider building them as a product to sell. The current market is particularly difficult with the disruption created by refineries. Advanced moon material went up faster than advanced components and there were several occasions where I was able to buy the components for less than the materials needed to make them. Prices should stabilize at a new “normal” over the next few weeks now that refineries are in production and new product should be reaching the market soon.

I must of missed that one, was there an article stating that? To my knowledge it is only low and nul sec only.

Classic moon materials are only available in low and null. They announced at Vegas the same mechanic could be used to mine higer grade conventional ore in wormhole and 0.5 highsec - I believe this is planned for later this year.

Wormholes will build refineries anyway for hybrid reactions but they’re a questionable investment in highsec if all you can use them for is reprocessing.

dozens of the new refineries are showing up all over hisec , soon to be online to mine moons there too.

Not likely. In fact, refineries cannot be anchored in moon mining positions in high sec yet (or couldn’t last I checked). They are great for actually refining ore though.

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