Moon Mining

Just joined a very small corp who is setting up there first refinery for moon mining. I do most of my mining in a barge using t2 strip miners with crystals. When we get going on the moon, what type of ore will there be? What skills will I need to train to use the t2 strip miners with crystals on the moon ore?

Depends on the moon, different moons have different compositions, this can be determined using survey probes (and your corp has likely already surveyed the moon) I would suggest asking them what that particular moons composition would be.

aside from any of the normal ores, it will generally contain at least a couple varieties of moon ore, depending on what those are will determine which moon mining skill/crystals you will need. only way to know would be to ask your corp.

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All high sec moons contain only Ubiquitous Moon Ore at most. Those are the only moon ore crystals you need besides the standard ore crystals.

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Thanks guys, they did survey the moon, I will have to ask again.

Besides “Moon Ore” what are the standard ores typically?
Veldspar, Kernite, Pyro, ect.?

In what system do you mine? I’ll come over and check it out


entirely depends on the moon. taking a quick look at an old moon survey sheet, i’m seeing across various different moons, kernite, omber, plag, pyroxeres, even veldspar pretty much everything. so only way to know for sure is to get that moon analysis.

Gotcha, I will just have to wait and see I suppose. They said they were close to getting things online.

Thanks for the help.

After the moon mining station is online, it will take another week or so for them to actually extract the chunk that you mine from.

Yes I am aware of that, just wanted to make sure I was prepared to be able to actually mine the ore since i use t2 strip miners. I think I will go to t1 strip miners without crystals, it seems most efficient without the reprocessing skills for the particular moon ores.

You can also mine some rarer minerals which are normally only found in null-sec. I regularly mine a hi-sec (0.5) moon for Arkonor, Bistot and Crokite as well as the aforementioned Ubiquitous Moon Ores. Each has their own crystal type and associated reprocessing skill.

Do most .5 system moons have ABC’s?

A lot of them have, yes. Spodumain, Arkonor and Gneiss moons in particular are very popular.

and I for one am loving the changes. its made my lazy ass even lazier, why bother going out to mine in null, when I can just buy the 15% ores that someone mined in HS, and in many cases end up paying less per compressed block than the regular stuff goes for.

Highsec ore:

  • Veldspar
  • Pyroxeres
  • Scordite
  • Plagioclase (Caldari Space, System Sec 0.5 - 0.7)
  • Omber (Minmatar/Gallente Space, System Sec 0.5 - 0.7)
  • Kernite (Amarr space, System Sec 0.5 - 0.7)

Jaspet, Hedbergite, Hemophite, Omber and Kernite may be found as anomalies anywhere around HS, LS or Null

Highsec Moons have a composition of 1 type of Ubiquitous Moon Ore as well as 1-3 types of normal ore (excluding Mercoxit) of the 15% variant

Lowsec ore:

  • Highsec ores
  • Kernite
  • Jaspet
  • Hedbergite
  • Hemophite

Nullsec ore:

  • Lowsec ores
  • Crokite
  • Bistot
  • Akonor
  • Mercoxit

Can I suggest fully fitting your athanor. A solid fit athanor and a half dozen defenders can pull apart most fleets harassing these structures. Good luck with it

Didn’t you in the past declare that all moons in highsec actually contain all nullsec ore, just spread out?

Have I? If so, I have probably said that they contain the Ubiquitous Moon ores as only moon ores and a variety of standard ores, which include null sec, low sec and high sec ores. Or what Sakimura quoted

0.5 moons have 1 ubiquitous moon ore and 1-3 types of +15% normal ore, which can be anything from Veldspar to Arkonor. Finding out the moon contents is as easy as shooting a moon probe at it and waiting however many minutes that it takes to return a result.

When I was moon scanning high-sec, I found using a blockade runner was a good ship choice - fast, plenty of cargo and can fit a survey probe.

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