Mining moons in High-sec

are all the moons in high-sec minable from Refineries? (except Jita)

I wonder if any moons are “left blank” as per the “old” moon mining scheme? Or if I put up a refinery on any moon in high-sec, it will extract ore from that particular moon?

Only moons in 0.5 systems are eligible for moon drilling.


thank you :slight_smile:

As said, it’s only in 0.5 and lower.

The offical guide for moon mining is pretty good.

There is also a guide on how to find out what a moon contains.

So far I have not found a moon that didn’t contain ore and I’ve scanned at least a hundred moons.

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Ive seen quite a few refineries owned by corps with just 3 or so members, which I assume is just one player. If one of these got a war dec, would it be defended? Would it even have weapons fitted? Or is the standard practice to just clear it out as best as they can and chalk up the loss as the cost of doing business?

often times, they’ll either hire a merc corp to help or a bunch of alts/friends/etc will drop corp and join the war dec’d corp to defend.

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