No highsec moon resources?

I’ve been scanning moons all night, .7 to .5, nothing comes back with resources. First time looking at setting up a pos to shoot some moon rocks, but nothing i scan reveals any resources. Is it required to moon mine in .4 or less now?

When you say “Resources”, do you mean Ore like “Spodumain”, “Crokite” etc.? Because those were removed from Moons as of a patch back in May.

If, for some reason, you are getting 0 results back when you scan a planet (No Bitumens, Coesite, etc) then that’s probably you not warping to the right location to actually scan the moon. Warping to a structure on the moon isn’t necessarily going to be the right location. You need to right click in space, go down to Planets, then moons and then warp to it from that location. Then point your ship at the moon and fire.

If you’ve done all that and are looking for Moon Goo, something must be wrong as it should definitely return something.

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 11.57.24 PM

Not sure, finally brave enough to spend the isk on a POS but i cant seem to find a place to use it. Definitely don’t want to just go try this out for the first time in low/null.
Yes, i’m using the menu and picking the moons, also started using the combat map to ensure the probe was dead center of the moons.

what do you mean by POS? Moons can only be mined in .5 or below.

Ok so that would solve it then… thanks. i’ve just been wasting time in the .7 to .5. I’m guessing not all .5s will have mine-able moons either (Was in a few and got the same “0 quantity”). So yes, its required to be in Low or Null to use a refinery to mine the moons.

thanks, you spared me from blowing nearly a bil on something that would be useless for my game-play type. Oh …POS (player owned structure), i was about to buy a Athanor.

Moon mining in highsec (0.5) was nerfed last spring as part of the scarcity phase of the ecosystem rebalance. CCP has stated that moons in 0.5 systems will be profitable once the rebalance is complete.

An Athanor on a valuable moon is unlikely to survive long unless you have the means to defend it.

POS and upwell structures are two different things in game. That’s why I was curious what you were referring to.

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When you say means can you clarify? I’ve been studying the refineries for a couple weeks now, and it would appear if we don’t get wardec, it wont be too extreme unless 4 or 5 people start trying to wreck it during its vulnerability timer if we are offline (would not set vulnerability timer this way)

Your saying in a .5 i’m going to have a lot of random people wanting to lower there sec just to blow up our mining station? My corp only has 4 active players, and based on reading/watching, the risk of attack seems minimal unless we are in a evil aliance zone in low/null.

Been playing since beta, the game is literally the hardest to enjoy at this time. took a 2 year break last time, i’ve been back about 3 months and, yeah… nothing has been fun… actually everything is worse than it was 2 years ago, and before that… and so on.

The “Support Chat” dev asked me to open a ticket regarding this scanning issue. He feels like some of the moons in the .7 to .5 i was scanning should have returned results. So i did open a ticket last night, but have yet to receive a reply.

probably pissing in the wind, but its pretty lame a small corp cant operate a small refinery without having to square off against jerks/pirates in low/null. love that ccp always talks about re-balancing power/isk, but every step seems to put more power into the pockets of the dickheads and already huge alliances. The last time i made friends in this game was 2016, i have yet to make any new friends… everyone in-game encountered is either a silent (no chat, no reply) positive sec status, or a chatty asshole low sec status going for a rise and kill. People talk about the friendships from this game, in nearly 2 decades of eve, there are only 1 or 2 people who maintained friendships, and non of them still play.

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Structures are always vulnerable and, if you build a new one, you will need to install a Quantum core that is guaranteed to drop if the structure is destroyed. If someone notices your structure, they can declare war and 24 hours later start shooting. There are additional timers for armor and hull so structures weren’t worth the effort in the past but the core changes that - for an Athanor it is a guaranteed 700 million ISK loot drop.

If you have a private structure in a backwater system on a moon that nobody else is interested in you may get away with it - but - don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose!

wow, so i need to drop around 1.8 bill just to get it setup properly? Thats nuts, ok so literally a refinery is useless unless your a huge corp that can defend it at a decent low or null sec moon. it still requires fuel too?

Typical ccp. Ok with the last 15 omega days i’m just going to be a dick and suicide gank. if that dosent generate cash i’ll just give the corp to my buddy. I’m sick of trying to endlessly figure out features, catch up with changes, and tired of studying bad information online for weeks.

thanks again for all the helpful information, you all have saved me 1.8(ish)B… i can use that to just go shoot people… i guess that’s all we are really suppose to do in this game now.
I could afford to loose a couple stations but i don’t even want to get into it after learning the current setup information from you all. its totally pointless for a small corp to even try a new refinery.

Marketing is fine but its risky doing hauls, mining is a joke again (made good profit mining in 2016), but i have not been a pirate since 2006ish… this should be interesting.

Typical whining bear. Your playing an MMO sandbox. Yes you need a decent group of individuals to protect your expensive assets.


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