0.5 System Moon Mining


I found a 0.5 system that has a lot of empty moons. I’ve begun surveying them, but I’m not sure how to decipher the results. Is there a calculator based off profitability somewhere? I’d like to do some manufacturing as well, if that makes any difference.

Hydrocarbons, atmospheric gases, silicates, and evaporative deposits, all seem to drop at 65 unit intervals, with silicates being the most expensive. So I would assume the ore composition that drops the most silicates would be best, but I think there might be more to it than that.

I’d appreciate any insight.

Are you trying to mine, or do PI?

Initially I suppose it would be mining, but will likely be doing PI as well, just due to the fact it seems to be so tied into various manufacturing processes.

Well, are you sure you want to do PI in highsec?

There’s the empire tax of 10%, unless you skill that skill that drops to 5%… then there’s poco tax that is high too (unless you have good standings with the owners).

If you have that level 5 and good standings then it’s worth doing Factoring only, I would not Extract PI on highsec at all… I did factoring on highsec in the past and banked many bilions of ISK, its around 1.2-1.5 bil per character, I gave up because it’s just a sad activity that burns the person. PI is not passive at all if you do factoring, it requires many hours a month and a lot of hauling.

I started in low sec many years ago and It was good, find a quiet low sec, maybe get standings with the corp that anchored the pocos there, its quite good extraction around 0.2 and 0.1 systems… I started doing it at Esmes, is really quiet and near Amarr.

You could do PI in a wormhole, could be in a boring C1 if you can find a C1 with Interbus pocos, those have 0% tax. But doing PI in whs require people to work with, people updating the signatures, scouting, doing it all by yourself with alts will burn you.

About mining I have no clue, never mined.

Also if you are wanting to moon mine with a refinery, don’t put a refinery up, you won’t be able to get your ore since everyone can mine it without any recourse to those players. Just scout other players refineries and mine those… cheapest way to go.


Outside of selling ore directly, mexallon and pyerite and the generic term moon-goo. Moon-goo is used in reactions and is not the same as P.I.

I’m not sure the wiki info of 40k of m3 per hour is entirely accurate anymore between ore buffs and wastage.

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I did PI for a bit when it first started in the DUST era, but haven’t touched it since. I don’t even know what “factoring” is, is that building a factory?

As far as POCO’s go, it’s among my plans to take them over myself. Most of the POCO’s in this system are owned by inactive corps, and I’m fairly confident most would go uncontested.

I do remember PI being a super click fest, but I suppose I’m a weird kind of person because I enjoyed it at the time, not sure how it looks now after so many years of updates. I may do some low sec PI as well, but I’m not sure how that works in a low sec system as to how it differs from 0.5 and up. I’ve considered the WH route but as you said, doing anything in a WH adds a layer of BS that I don’t really feel like dealing with at the moment.

Factoring is when you do not harvest anything in the planet.

You will have a two or three landpads for importing the materials, then you will have 15-40 factories, then you will have 1 landpad for exporting.

So you won’t be extracting anything, won’t be surveying, won’t have to be placing those heads.

Just haul the materials… let’s say P2… then turn them into P3 and export back to space, haul the stuff back to the trade hub without getting ganked preferably.

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Should tell you everything, unprofitable.

If none of these moons are profitable, then that would just mean moon mining in high sec as a whole is unprofitable.

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