Moon Survey

I have the required skills to use the probes and probe launcher but I keep getting no item when the scan is done. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am warping to the moon, aligning to the moon, wait till I am full speed and not still aligning, and launch the probe. I wait the 5 minutes for results and get this.

What am I doing wrong? I have surveyed 10 different moons.

In high sec only .5 systems have minable moons.

EPT: They are crap, don’t mine them, you’re better off belt mining.


Make sure you aren’t cloaking or doing anything that would cause the probe to lose connection. Just align to and let your ship move towards the moon and shoot the probe then wait.

100ISk that your not aligned to the moon properly, I was doing a whole system the other day and if you launch before totally aligned the probe does not recognise the moon.

Ill take that bet… heh, just send me the 100, he’s clearly in a 0.9 system which has no moon ore.

I waited until 100% aligned but I was in a 0.9 system. Guess they are only able to be mined in 0.5 and below.

Moons are worthless anyway in Highsec atm

Fuel costs almost more than u gain from the Ore that u pull if u mine everything on it alone

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