Is there a website for moon mining?

we have used up close to 200 discovery probes looking for a moon to set up next to so we can start mining but every single 1 has come back as No item that’s every moon in our system and the 4 systems around it surely this can’t be right .

Is there a website that we can check out to find likely systems and moons , all the guides on youtube are showing that basically every moon they shoot a probe at comes back as minable

Have you aimed the probes properly at the moon? You need to fly towards the moon before you launch the probes. All moons without exception up to 0.5 systems in high sec now have ore and moon ore.

yes every single time we align wait a few seconds then fire

Did you dock or change system while the scan was in progress? Or are you scanning in a high sec system with a security level higher than 0.5?

For high sec, there are some moons listed here:

that’s it we’ve been in 0.6 systems thanks

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