Finding moon ore question

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Another mining question. Is there a way to identify whether ore from a moon is available using probing or dscan? I’m in a system with 50 moons (all with athanors) and it would be nice to pinpoint which moons have ore available (for ninja mining purposes).

My only conclusion so far is to either warp manually or to get lucky and scan down a mining op in action.


Thanks, I meant finding ore that has been extracted out of the moon by an athanor, ninja mining if you will.

Nope, you’ll have to check whatever is floating in space for that.

Can you dscan for asteroids?
I’ve never tried… But that would be a way to have a look around.
Set dscan for 5degs and look at each moon.

Unfortunately can’t dscan for individual asteroids.

so how does one go about finding the field? probes? fly from moon to moon like a demented rabbit?

find the athanors (just dscan or watch your system map opened via your probe scanner) and warp to it

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