Esi questions

(Ivan kopat) #1

Good day. Tell me how to get the following information.

  1. Composition and volume of extracted Moon ore?
  2. What is the ore?

(Black Pedro) #2

That information is not available via the API. You need to go out and scan for that data.

(Ivan kopat) #3

Not. The question was that the auger extracts a piece of the moon. The station shows the volume and composition of the extracted rock. How to get it in esi

(Black Pedro) #4

I’m not sure if the refining information is available from the ESI. You probably can find it here:

(Blacksmoke16) #5

You can get the volume and name by looking up the type_id of the ore in the types endpoint. E.x.

However, as @Black_Pedro said, what a given ore reprocesses into is not available via ESI. You would have to use the SDE dump for that.

(Ivan kopat) #6

It’s clear. The question is how to get besides the extraction timer rock also its volume and cost.
“chunk_arrival_time”: “xxxZ”,
“extraction_start_time”: “xxxxxZ”,
“moon_id”: xxxx,
“natural_decay_time”: “2xZ”,
“structure_id”: xxx

How much rock will be extracted and what is its composition. (At the station this information is available)

(Blacksmoke16) #7

That’s not available via ESI. Would have to scan the moon and do it manually.

(Ivan kopat) #8

I know the composition of the moon. she scanned. I am interested in information from the citadel about the volume of ore extracted.

(Blacksmoke16) #9

That information isn’t available via ESI directly. There is a feature request for that. It also shows some workarounds.