Esi questions

Good day. Tell me how to get the following information.

  1. Composition and volume of extracted Moon ore?
  2. What is the ore?

That information is not available via the API. You need to go out and scan for that data.

Not. The question was that the auger extracts a piece of the moon. The station shows the volume and composition of the extracted rock. How to get it in esi

I’m not sure if the refining information is available from the ESI. You probably can find it here:

You can get the volume and name by looking up the type_id of the ore in the types endpoint. E.x.

However, as @Black_Pedro said, what a given ore reprocesses into is not available via ESI. You would have to use the SDE dump for that.

It’s clear. The question is how to get besides the extraction timer rock also its volume and cost.
“chunk_arrival_time”: “xxxZ”,
“extraction_start_time”: “xxxxxZ”,
“moon_id”: xxxx,
“natural_decay_time”: “2xZ”,
“structure_id”: xxx

How much rock will be extracted and what is its composition. (At the station this information is available)

That’s not available via ESI. Would have to scan the moon and do it manually.

I know the composition of the moon. she scanned. I am interested in information from the citadel about the volume of ore extracted.

That information isn’t available via ESI directly. There is a feature request for that. It also shows some workarounds.

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