Number of R64 moons in the game?

Anyone know how many moons their are in the game and how many of those are R64 Moons with Exceptional Moon Ores on them?

You could technically use the ESI to figure out exactly how many moons there are, by going through all the systems and counting them with a script.

However there’s nothing like that to determine the quality of the moon or what it yields. For that you need to do in-game probing of the moon, using Survey Probes. So the only info widely available on that would be from user reports, and those are not likely to be very accurate.

People tend to be very protective of their high-value moons, so the only people likely to provide that data would be people dedicated to collecting data. However it takes a LOT of time to survey even a singe system. And there are like 5000 systems in known space alone. That’s a lot of info grinding, even for an EVE player.

But, if a talented group of individuals that really want to help with the data work together, that data could be collected in a short time.

define short time ?

3574 Ns systems, 2604 WH systems, 695 LS and 1212 HS.

Assuming only 10 moons per system, it’s already like 20 minute per system. It means 1191 H of work to do that.
without logisitic, without being ganked. for Ns only.

yeah, “short time” …

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If the group is split up… and by group I mean like maybe 50 or players or some, who really care about the data and all that, split them up into different areas of known space, then when all of known is complete, tackle WH.

and they don’t have to be in the same corp. maybe some from goons, or sig cartel, hell maybe even code. just a suggestion…

You are all collectively thinking too hard.

If you start with LS, work has almost certainly been done. I am fairly confident in stating that all R64 moons in Derelik, Devoid and Molden Heath are not only known, they already have athanors on them. I can tell you where those athanors are, who owns them (fairly easy, as it is now down to about three corps), what the ore types are and can even give you a guess as to preferred day(s) they pop. There are likely other ninja miners that can do same for the rest of LS.

If you want to expand your search to NS, my best suggestion is to fly through each system systematically and simply ignore those that already have athanors. This is assuming you want to identify unused R64’s in order to mine and/or sell locations? You fly in, scan for athanors, jump to asteroid belts outside of range if none on grid, scan again, move on. Once you have list of refinery-free systems, also check on killboard to see if an athanor was previously splashed and where, (only need to go back 18 months?) and then re-visit with alt or corp mate to scan. Not fool-proof but a lot quicker than scanning everything, everywhere.

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There is no R64 in WH space so I finished my part of this group project.


and there is none in HS so I done my part too.

Just waiting for @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras so stop spouting “it’s easy” and actually do his part in NS.


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