Question Regarding Reprocessed Materials from Modules in ESI

I’m looking to do a reprocess buyback, and I’m trying to figure out an easy way to get a Modules reprocessed value based on Market data. It would be relatively simple if I could get a dump of all the modules + their industry tab (reprocessed materials) information.


I’ve read previously that this is not provided within the ESI (really…?). Is this still the case?

If anyone has some ideas regarding how to get this information (I’d really just like to use a google sheet), I’d be greatly appreciative.


Yes. See

Could you not just get it from the SDE?

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I’m honestly not familiar with the SDE. Is there any documentation on it?

I imagine this is the SDE download?

Yes, but you can get a .csv of it off of, provided by @Steve_Ronuken.

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Hi Rick! I’m working on a buyback platform that is already able to price moon ore based on its refined value. If you’d like to discuss some ideas and maybe join the private beta, please send me a message ingame! :slight_smile:

@Rihan_Shazih this is actually for reprocessing of items.

Considering the recent changes, and that “loot reprocessing” is likely to become an additional source of minerals (to offset the lack of minerals in specific regions), I’m looking to obtain reprocessing information from items and do buyback based on that value, instead of the value of the item itself.

If you are working on a buyback platform, I would make a suggestion to add that level of functionality. Previously I wouldn’t have recommended it, but with the recent changes, I’m sure there would be a lot of users who would be delighted to have that.

I got what I needed from the SDE regarding that information, so for now I’ll have to work through a googlesheet, which I’m totally fine with.

Let me know if you would need more information, I’d be happy to discuss my thoughts.



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Are you still working on that buyback application?

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