Reprocessing using the data dump

Years ago I wrote a program to do some virtual reprocessing. It appears the static dump has changed drastically since then. So, here’s my questions.

  1. How can you now determine which items can and cannot be reprocessed?
  2. How do you eliminate items from typeMaterials that you know aren’t returned in reprocessing, like robotics?


*edit - ooohkay. I now see it’s possible to get robotics and other crap in reprocessing. Seems that’s changed a good bit.

Still looking for how this is determined. Anyone?

typeMaterials.yaml have all the reprocessing data. Everything that can be reprocessed will have a least one material. Reprocessing - EVE University Wiki have all the formuals need to calucalte the output. Note that ore and items use different formulas.

Thanks. I made that assumption but I wasn’t sure if that was the accurate way to do it. I wasn’t sure if there were some things in typeMaterials that required mins to build but couldn’t be reprocessed.

Other thing I’ve noticed is that reprocessing now tends to round everything down except when rounding down results in 0 mins returned and then, it’s rounded up.

You’d think they’d be nice about it and just round everything up by 1 min but nope.

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