Reprocessing partial stacks

when can we clear our hangars of partial stacks of ore and reprocess them?
i currently have over 150 different kinds of ore that i cannot reprocess. some of it is stuff like spodomain that doesnt even exist in NULL anymore. or 3 different types of the same moon goo because of named and jackpot versions. in theory my ore hangar is full of value, but in reality it is useless when it is less than 100 units.
since the reprocessing function is basically a math calculation , why not change it from increments of 100 to 1 and round down as necessary to refine all of the ore in a stack.
thanks for considering this
for those concerned about losing minerals in the round down either A create your own stacks of 100, or B CCP can have a click option to refine all, otherwise it would only refine in increments of 100

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