Reprocessing ORE - 2024 - Worth Doing?

I’ve searched the topic of REPROCESSING ORE and have found very dated or conflicting information regarding the values in doing so.

After reviewing the prices of common OREs in Jita, etc. It seems that skilling a new character to reprocess the ORE as opposed to compressing it and selling raw will never add ISK value to the indy process, with my understanding that around 70% is the max value in HS with regular 50% stations.

Am I correct or close?

My goal is to have a small manufacturing business in a backwater sector and live off the modest profits with the 50 or so exotic dancers I picked up while mission running. If it’s a wash, perhaps it’s worth doing to save trips to the market?

Compressed ore is worth more than the minerals it contains because its easier to haul.
Only reprocess if you’re going to use it on site.

That’s why you only reprocess ores in Structures, not Stations.