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So, I just got back into eve after a 6 year break, where before, I, at the time, being a freshman in high school, played for about a year as a total nooblet with a spreadsheet, a mining barge and a dream. I had reliable corp mates that helped me by letting me sell them ore and they provided ships etc. I’m going it alone now because i’ve actually been greatly enjoying the self-reliance, but I do need informational help that I can’t seem to find- At what point does reprocessing become worth it? I’ve queued up to Rep 4, efficiency 3, and scordite and pyro 3. Will this be worth it if i’m at a 50% npc station? I’m based about 5 jumps from jita in a system with a relatively low system index.

Also, is great but I can’t tell if the “total isk value of refined ore” means for a single ore at 100% or 100 ore at 100%. Can anyone help me?

Welcome back firstly.

In terms of ore reprocessing, personally I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

I think it’s very easy to stress over the small stuff in this game. Sure it’s a good idea (if you do want to re-process ore) to train your skills up my ore processing skills are all maxed out (because I’m mostly a miner/industrialist) but I’ve processed ore since I started, I just do it better now than I used to.

In terms of the chart, it’s a brilliant resource. As far as I know, the value relates to whatever you enter into the ‘Amount’ box at the bottom of the chart (1, 2, 200, whatever). I hope that’s helpful.

Reprocessing in highsec rarely makes sense unless you intend to use the minerals yourself, in which case, look for a refinery with T2 rigs which will give you a 54% base.

For resale, compressed ore, particularly those rich in mexallon like plagioclase, will probably earn you the most. Compression can’t be done at NPC stations - you need a player owned structure with a reprocessing service module.

Welcome back to the game, @Dominatus_The_Relentless ! As I myself haven’t played properly in years, I’ll leave your game related questions for others to answer.

But I just wanted to confirm that @Mu_ad_Diib is right: the website nowadays shows all table’s numbers based on the amount entered in the settings below each table. If you play around with the value you’ll see that the table’s numbers update immediately to reflect the entered amount. You can also change your refining yield in those settings and the table will take that value into consideration as well. Additionally, the amount of ore being referenced by those numbers can also be found in the top left corner of the table, e.g: “Minerals in 1 000 m³ ore”

Best regards, cerl

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Wow, a response from the hero himself. Thank you for the information!

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@Cerlestes I don’t think I’ve ever talked to you before but since you’ve posted here, can I just say that you’re awesome?

Your ore tables are permanently bookmarked for me and a brilliant source of information that I frequently tell other miners about. If I had a way to do it I’d recommend you for a medal for services to mining.

Thank you so much.

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