Returning Player Advice Requested

Good day. I would live to give eve another go. Something I have done on several occasions over the last 10 years :-). I never had the time to really commit. gonna try now. My curr character is a struggling alpha clone explorer. I would like to give mining and industry a go. Would I be better off just starting a new alt and skill up mining / industry or try to make curr character work?

Curr character has about 45M ISK and 2.5 skill points.

As an alpha you’re pretty much stuck in a venture, regardless of using current toon or new toon. That can be OK, but at that point I’d recommend using scanning skills to scan down gas sites in lowsec to huff with the venture, or skipping scanning but still in low sec, going after that valuable Dark Ochre.

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thank you very much… think i will just stick with what I have and try to get better… i meant to say I had 2.5M skill points not 2.5 lol

if you like we can help you out in our null sec space
we can provide whit a traning program and a skilling tree in order to get you on the right path

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