Hanging by a threat looking for new members

Hi there.

Looking for a corp in NPC Nullsec ?

We of Hanging by a threat juts have that.

We are all mature players who like to play the game and sometimes even love the meta

We are not dirty for a gate camp and like to chat whit one and other on discord

Have a look at what we offer :

  • 5% Tax.

  • A comfortable home in npc null space.

  • Experienced players who are happy to show newer players how to make isk.

  • Buybacks on Loot, Salvage, and Ore at 85-90% Jita Buy.

  • Moon mining ops with alliance from R16 op to R64 .

  • Reliable intel channels.

  • Access to an active Discord server.

  • Thriving Nullsec market only a few jumps from home.

What we are looking for :

- Active players

- Mature players 18+

- No care bears who only dock up when people roam our systems

- people who like to mine and build

join now and see what you have been missing out on in the Hanging by a threat chat channel .

we are 10 jumps away from Dodixie and 19 jumps away from Jita

**want to see our latest kills the follow this link : Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I | Paivajo Kai Katelo | Killmail | zKillboard

Discord : Hanging By A Threat

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Bump !

we are working on setting up shop in null this wil lead to new profits and better margens

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bump :smiley:

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we are still looking for people that whant to join and have some funn


bump !


we are still looking for new guys and girls

we are haveing a pvp week the guy of girl that kils the most wins a 100 mill

its time for that bump again

if you have ever been in npc nullsec then you know the fun we are having :smiley:

going good groing fast :smiley: so time for a bump again