47mil SP returning player looking for corp

Update: Im looking for a corp that does a bit of everything… Wormholes, pve and pvp in high sec/low sec and null… just looking for things to do basically and a active community to call home… the corp doesnt have to be a super big corp or anything… Quality> Quantity I was briefly in a corp for the past 3 days but they kicked me out due to me losing 2 expensive ships trying to move stuff out there… Ships> Quality players I guess lol

I Own and Fly a Thanatos carrier, a few Tengus, golem orca, Wolfs and Vagabonds… can also fly but do not own atm a nyx and rorq

Knifeparty GG
In game mail sent, contains link for our Discord, would be great to chat, looking for members seeking long term happy homes.

plz come and take a look add what we have

FREGE may be a fit for you.

Hello !

Mentality : learning, taking outnumbered fights and having fun

I am currently in a corporation called : Holy Hunters who lives in C5-C5 which gives great Small gang PvP and good ISK making opportunities. That said, we’re a PVP focused corporation which we use most of our time scanning or rolling for content.

We’re all US time zone, looking to grow up that time zone. We love to take fights, even if we are being outnumbered. We are a social group of people who play other games as well.

Our corp’s goal is to grow large enough to take all fights and defend smaller WH corporation from evictions. If that sounds interesting, here is a discord link :

We are Recruiting.Pvpers/PvE/iNDUSTRY
In Game Chanel - Cartel.Pub
Discord: Imperium Cartel.
KB: Imperium Cartel. | Corporation | zKillboard

✪ IGC Alliance
✪ Member of The Imperium
✪ SEAT & Auth Are Must For All Toons
✪ New Bros Welcome
✪ Null Sec
✪ PVP/Industry/Ratting
✪ EU/US/AU Time Zones
Invidia Gloriae Comes - DOTLAN :: EveMaps
✪ Alliance/Coalition Discords/Team Speak

Come join Imperium Technologies, we would love to have you. I sent you a mail in game look foward to here from you.

Hey Knifeparty GG

Come check us out, we are exactly what you are looking for
Public channel in game: No.Mercy Pub

Hey KPGG!!

Are you still looking for a corp? If so, you sound like you’ll be right up our street for who we’re looking for.

We have a highsec and nullsec base of ops, with no obligations like paps and faps and fats and whatnots.

The ONLY request is that when structures do come under fire, we all make some sort of effort to turn up, but that is on a corp level, and if it’s not in your timezone, then so be it.

Would love to chat with you further. Please see spam below:

✯ AUTZ ✯ ISK ✯ PVE ✯ Industry ✯ PVP ✯
Long-standing corporation, recently undergone complete overhaul. We are looking for both veteran and newbro pilots.

We have a presence both in nullsec and highsec, and will remain ‘Not War Ellibigle’ for the foreseeable future.

Mature audience. Bring candy. Primarily AUTZ corp, but alliance is USTZ.

We offer a comprehensive rewards scheme and league ladder:

✯ Top Point Earners
✯ Top Bounty Earner
✯ Mining Ops
✯ Top Miners of the Week

Other main points include:

✯ Not War Ellibigle
✯ No SP requirements
✯ Highsec+Nullsec base
✯ Easy-going environment
✯ We play a host of other games as well

Ingame channel: Coalition of Carebears
Website application: http://eve-hr.com/uod

hello we are a corp located out in scalding pass we do indy/pve with pvp on the side, very laid back corp and dont care about losses lol. join our discord and come chat to see if we are a fit for you. REPZ

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