Looking for a corp

I have recently tried wormhole and there is a few things i do not like about it as a home
I have recently been in a nullsec wormhole but between trying to keep up with moves for campaigns and not having good jump in a ship small gang pvp being close to the home it didnt seem to work the way i want.

So i am looking for a low or close to low nullsec group
I want to be able to suicide experimental builds if i choose to.
Have content close to home (able to jump on by myself or with a few people that are online) jump in a ship and go shoot stuff.
Prefer to have some way to make money at the home system.(if not i will find a way to make money)

I also am very interested in the new content coming in Havoc (pirate or highsec faction side doesnt matter)

Main two combat characters
Main: 159.4 million skill points
Alt: 101.9 million skill points

If you’re interested in a NS home with pretty active enemies EUTZ then we have a corp for you to join
Got sov and moons
Let me know if you’re interested in more info

Assault Squadron Indigo

You Are Welcome With us :grinning:

hi there m8

come and play with us m8

We are a small and independent pvp group that operate from pochven.

if you want to know more please make sure to check our latest video below

Feel free to join our discord below if you want to talk some


Last 3 replies didn’t read my message.
2nullsec corps and a wormhole corp.

Social infrastructure is a corporation in the out of the blue alliance. We have our own space and do not pay rent and or not part of any major null block.

If you’re wanting to do some low sec shenanigans where only eight jumps from zarzakh, that can Shoot you out to the other three corners of space. And i’m pretty sure we are like fifteen jumps from low sec. So you can go bull up your test fits.

Are primary time zone is USTZ, and we like to pvp, but rat and do the indy thing to make some isk.

We have a great jump freighter network to get stuff to and from jita and a good local trade market.

Our Discord if you’re interested in more information.

Or hit us up in the game or me directly, Tytus Kyle

Hey bro you might be intersted in

we are a bunch of old bro’s who have just reformed and take content wherever we can find it, we have stagers all over Eve and just jump clone to take fights where we can find them. if your intersted feel free to hit up our discord and talk to the bros

Daily Bump, I will be looking through and talking to people tomorrow

Hay bud my alliance live out in npc null and am looking for new pvp members to join my corp you will have plenty of pew pew and plenty of people to go and gank if you wish to do so
If you want to have a chat hit me up ingame or jump in our discord
Fly dangerous

This is my alliance 👉 Come join The expanse and expand your horizons in eveonline

bump for the day

We are looking for members to join our active corp

TSSOC has what your looking for, come give us a look !

We are a Nullsec corp based in Querious/Catch under the Dracarys Alliance.


Daily R64 Moons

Plenty of Anomalies for Ratting/Exploration

Daily fleets

Jump Freight Service direct from Jita.

10mil SP minimum

Participate in 3 Fleets a month (Roams, OPs, CTAs)

Hi Wolfino

Guns-R-Us Toy Company is the founding Corp for Weapons of Mass Production.

We are an alliance that holds teritory in Detorid. We have many alliance moons and a full industry park. We have the infrasturcture to build everything up capitals. We are newbro friendly but do require a minimum of 30 days in game.

  • R64 moon mining

  • Ice Belts

  • A0 Anomalies

  • Alliance Industrial Parl

  • Plenty of ratting space

  • PvP fleets with 100% SRP for Corp/Alliance fleets

  • Help in developing you isk making abilities

  • JF Service

  • Multiple competing buyback service

If you want to know more Join us on Discord

Do you like it HARD? Do you like it REWARDING? Then You’re the right fit for Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly(-RUDE)!

Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly is an EUTZ corporation of Kybernauts Clade living in Pochven, also known as Space Hell, where the harsh environment makes sure we stay sharp and the ISK fountain tp make sure we stay rich to fight anyone who dares to stop long enough to be locked up, anywhere in New Eden.

-RUDE Is where Fun comes first. We hold fleets daily, From simple roams to BLOPs fleets and more. We like to have fun and fight. PvP is our lifestyle!

→ Content Fleets EVERY SINGLE DAY
→ Observatory Flashpoint fleets for that crazy income
→ Nanogangs in Pochven and Null
→ A way to experience the crazy world of Pochven PvP
→ Incredibly fun and friendly environment

-Be alive and breathing
-Be able to push buttons somewhat well
-Have a mouth you can speak with(Also a microphone)
-Sense of Humor
-Approximately 10 Mil SP(Negotiable)
-Willingness to train into Doctrines

Zkill: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98739589/
DISCORD: Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly

Lucas Ermanelos

You’d be a perfect fit mate, give us a shout ingame or on discord (links available in the post) and we can discuss whether you’d be interested

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