XLostcauseX is recruiting new/old/returning players for Nullsec action! EU/USTZ

XLostcauseX is recruiting new/old/returning players for Nullsec action!

We are apart of one of the oldest and prestigious alliances in Eve! CVA Reddit - Dive into anything

EU/US timezone based corp.

“We focus on friendship and loyalty, having fun and not taking the game too seriously.”

Lots of in game experience willing to take on new pilots and help them become whatever they want to become in the demanding world of EVE.

We don’t care for “elitism” just having fun and playing the game the way you want to play it. So don’t worry about bad killboards as long as your having fun we don’t care.

Alpha’s Welcome
We have access to R64 moons, the best explo in the game, and tons of ratting! So you can make all the isk you need! We want anyone that is willing to undock when we have a fight on hand, we will even hand you ships!
To join us, message Sgt Pyrlig, Jeckrothx, Iser Orenstein or join our public channel Bass Public in game!
Have fun and fly dangerous! o7

Good corp, nice mix of veterans and new bros, keeps things interesting.

I joined, and now I can’t leave. 10/10 would do again.

Unrated is better.

im stuck with these people in null pls help

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Sssshhh … it is okay, back into the pod now, time to neut some enemies.

We are a great corp. Im a returning player after around 10 years, and despite the fact my killboard is redder than Santa’s suit, these guys still welcomed me with open arms and taught me everything I know… which tbh, isnt much - but thats not on them.

Come join us or hit me up in game if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Newbros and experience bitter vets all welcome!

Good fights to be had.

this is one for anyone new or returning pilots, looking for a great active corp in a great alliance with lots of content from mining to any kind of pvp this is the place to be. we are a nul sec corp 4 jumps from amarr fw systems, 2 jumps from a high sec system and have plenty of nul sec systems to roam around in. join BASS public in game to talk to one of our recruitment offices today and join to fun and excitement of xxlostcausexx.

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