xLostCausex nul sec corp looking for new members

All timezone based corp.

“We are a fast growing corp that focus on friendship and loyalty, having fun and not taking the game too seriously.”

Lots of in game experience willing to take on new pilots and help them become whatever they want to become in the demanding world of EVE.

We don’t care for “elitism” just having fun and playing the game the way you want to play it. So don’t worry about bad killboards as long as your having fun we don’t care.

Alpha’s are more than Welcome

We have access to R64 moons, the best explo in the game, and tons of ratting! So you can make all the isk you need! We want anyone that is willing to undock when we have a fight on hand, we will even hand you ships!

We have just gained two of our own systems in providence owned by our allience ‘now your gone’ we have structures set up in system as well.

fw PvP

low sec PvP

nul sec PvP

mining fleets

moon mining

lots of exploration opportunities.

nul sec ratting ( isk to be made)

allience fleets

coalition fleets

corp PvP tournaments (ship rewards and isk to the winner)

free starter ships (ratting and PvP)

If you want to be prosperous, make new friends, make big isk, enjoy a relaxed environment were it doesn’t matter what you like doing in game or just want to try new things and become the pilot you always wanted to be then we are for you.

To join us, message Sgt Pyrlig, Jeckrothx, Iser Orenstein or join our public channel Bass Public in game and talk to one of our team today and join the fun!

Have fun and fly dangerous! o7

Sounds great actually! At work so kinda hard to lookup with my knowledge. What is home system for you all?

Right now it’s xhq 2 jumps from high sec system dital but plans are in place for bigger better things.

Ok, once I get out of this RL slavery I will jump in chat and get more info. Thanks!

Come on guys and gals if your looking for a great relaxed and friendly corp that basically do everything then look no further. We just want to build a community that help each other out and learn along the way.

Weekly bump come check us out guys.