Looking for a new NullSec alliance to join

Hello there! I am Joroph Koraka. I have recently gotten back into wanting to play eve and I would like to have a look at what NullSec alliances/corps are out there and what would suit best for me.

I have 1.6 thousand hours recorded on steam with some experience (though most likely outdated) in ratting, WH life, and industry. I have also done a hint of PVP, though not much really.

I would prefer a well-known alliance that can provide for new members along with opportunities to make enough isk to power omega and invest in some fun.

I don’t use a mic but I am always happy to hop on VC and use text to chat.

Fly safe o7

Dear Joroph
you are more then welcome to join plz follow this link to see if we match and if we do i hope to see you on our discord

Greetings Evilsummit

Hi There,

We offer 3 options for players:
Nocturne - nullsec sov space with 22 sytems
Lumiere - for new players or people who prefer low risk action
Twilight - for Corporations looking to grow

Have a look at our website and see for yourself if that suits you.

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions.

Greetings Joroph,

Covert Agenda is in a good alliance and has many players powering their accounts with the ISK making ability’s. So we have that covered for you. We have everything a person needs and we have 24/7 activity that a large association provides. Join the discord and wait on a recruiter.

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