New player to EVE Online

Hello everyone.

As the title says i am a new player to be part of New Eden, a complete rookie, i have currently spent my time mining and did a couple of missions.

As a player i want to do everything that EVE has to offer or i should say i have an interest in all content that EVE has to offer.
I’m a social player i have no issues playing with other people in groups, i come from WoW and in my time there i was part of a few guilds over time.

I don’t know if in EVE corporation leaders and members expect something from new members, all i can say is that i will try my best to learn as much as possible about the game, often i feel overwhelmed and i have a feeling that the game has a big learning curve but i will try to manage and i apologize in advance if i will be all over the place most of the time.

Thank you for reading this.

Hey, welcome to the EVE :slight_smile:

Its normal to be overwhelmed, for example i am overwhelmed since 2003. If you are rookie, i would sugest you to find newbie corp in hi-sec just to get some knowledge and then decide if you want to try wormhole or null life.

If you will be interested, our corp - quite limited knowledge will happily take you and show you the basis. Just find us on corp panel advertisement, or you can message me directly → Nakopnuta Koule (or ingame email, if i am not online)

Fly safe, and enjoy the game.


Hello @Nakopnuta_Koule thank you for reaching out.

Can you tell me more about your corp and what you guys do or are interested in?

You mention newbie cops in hi-sec, where can i find those kind of corporations?

I have returned to eve after years and years of hiatus, and due to past experience decided to start my own corp, so at the moment we are quite small, based near Jita (main place to buy and sell), with focus on helping new players. For some reasons so far i managed to recruit only old veterans like me :smiley: so our quite limited knowledge is not so limited…

At the moment we are more suited for mining and industry, but i am more combat oriented so missions, abyss, exploration. I can show new players basic stuff regarding those more “active” hi-sec things to do.

We are active mainly in EU GMT+1 evenings

If you want to explore your options, just open corporations and search, you can filter there what you are interested in. i shouldn’t say it, because I want you to join us, but definitely check eve university ( EVE University Wiki )


You could check out Brave, they have quite a good newplayer onboarding process and can get you straight into the fun of nullsec:

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Well i see some points that we might have in common in my mind, I have my home station at Jita IV, and i started the game as a miner and also industry (i think, i can be wrong here), i do know that i have been mining a lot (when time allows me).

I have done 1 mission where i had to get rid of some pirate ships and activate a gate but i want to do more missions, abyss i never went there, I’m actually kind of scared because i fear to get lost or just completely obliterated .

I would love to know more about you guys and to join you. Around what time of day are you more active? Are there people online during the day as well? I live in Portugal by the way.

you can reach me ingame, i have sent you convo+mail :slight_smile: i will be on till evening propably. Usualy we are active in evenings.

just take a read and i hope to see you on discord :wink:

But are other people online during day time or not at all?

Oh and by the way, i don’t know if it’s because of the ongoing maintenance or not, but i haven’t received your email.

your ingame name is Rattoh Nolen i hope :smiley:

Yes ma’am it is, maybe it takes time to get here :slight_smile:

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