New Player - Interested in Exploring - Looking For Corp

As the title states, I am completely new to EVE, my account is maybe 5 days old. I have been doing more research than actually playing the game I think, but I am already enamored. I played a lot of Elite Dangerous and my favorite aspect of the game was always Exploring/cartography.

I understand that exploring in EVE is way different, but from what I have read and experienced in the tutorial career agent missions, it is really what I want to focus on. My first major goal is to get into an Astero fitted for exploration. I know this will take some time, but I have already purchased Omega and am ready to go,

I figured the next step was to stop by here and find some friendly people to play with who are willing to help an upstart explorer! Looking forward to finding a good group, thanks everyone!

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Hey there! If you are interested in WH’s give the fine people at Phantom Operatives a shout! We’re super casual WH corp that farms C3’s and take advantage of whatever pvp opportunities Bob provides us. We have a small but steady core of players, mostly USTZ, although we’d love to get some more EUTZ people. Anyway, I hope to seeya around! Please send me an in-game mail if your interested, or haunt the channel “Phantom-PUB”! Thanks and have a great day!

We are working on a training plan for newer players to experience the worm hole life, and have a doctrine that will let you start making decent ISK in around 10 days with omega, and about 21 alpha… In the beginning, gas mining and salvaging are going to be staples of making ISK right off the bat. (Our newest member was in the hole on the first day of his character, and by the third day, I think he’s made around 100-150 mil ISK salvaging after our fleet and running the free data and relic sites we scan down while securing the hole.) If you’re interested, send me an in game mail and we’ll get you into the discord. Hope to hear from ya and good luck in your search.

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