New Player looking good and helpful corporation

(Maestery Rin) #1

Hello evreyone .
I am totaly new to eve online only some days and i allso upgraded to omega as i really like the idea of eve and what i can doo here .
Sadly i don’t have no experience yet and there is so much things to learn so i am in the look for a helpful and friendly corporation who would wanna school a good pilot out of me and teach me the game i promise you i will but my effort and time to be as good as i can.
Only looking serious corporations who really wanna get a long term member and are ready to teach me the game and stuff like that.
I think i am intrested in pvp,exploring and maiby even industrial stuff not sure yet hehe there is so much stuff to check.
Allso need to add i am 27 years old and from europe.

(Maestery Rin) #2

No1 is intrested on a new player?

(Turgun) #3

We are!!!
Join ‘the flightdeck’ chat channel ingame; its a little early in the am atm for me personally but were about in general :slight_smile:

(Maestery Rin) #4

Still in the search atm.

(Mr Glaser) #5

Hello @Maestery_Rin,

We are a WH Training Corp/Alliance and would love for you to give us a closer look.

Hope to see ya in space,

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(Su Zuki) #6

Horse Killers are looking for fresh meat with or without experience.

Join “HKs public” or PM/mail me in game.

(Ravn Athonille) #7

Sent you an eve-mail ingame.
Hope to hear from you,

(princess abbie) #8

Hey man will try contact you in-game

(CaseyLP) #9

We are interested!!!
Join the “Aideron Robotics” chat channel ingame; I’ll be on for the rest of the day personally so whenever is a good time for you should be a good time for me.

(Marie Kaster) #10

Hello! Nocturnal Reconnaissance and Manufacturing is looking for new members! We are a highsec based manufacturing and industry corporation, newbro and alpha clone friendly. We would love you hear from you!

Please send me a message here or shoot me a mail in game if you would like to learn more!

(system) #11

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