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I’m a beginner, with just about 850.000 SP (Omega), looking for a corp which could help me learn more about the game and have even more fun playing EvE Online. Right now, I am training for exploration (Omw for T2 exp. frigates)
I’m a casual player, interessed in just about every aspect of the game, such as mining, exploration, PvE, PvP, etc… would it be in HS/LS/NS/WH.

I speak french, spanish and english.
Feel free to ask for more info on me.


Hello @Storm_Udano,

We are a WH Training Corp/Alliance and are always looking for good people. One of our directors speaks fluent French and would love to have those conversations with you in Discord. I also noticed you speak, Spanish and that would just be a plus as we are excited to get talented IRL people as well as good pilots in game for a variety of things we do.

Come take a closer look, you will not regret it…


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Hello Storm.

I have just created a new corp with the intetion of helping new players, its basicly a high sec corp that does mining, pvp, exploration. I am an old VET from 2006, my main have over 200 million SP. But my alts are running the corp.

I help with guides, fits, question and much more. I would like you to join, and hopefully more will follow in the near future.

I have no goal of becoming the best PVP or PVE dude ingame, im chilling, having fun and just playing the game.

Contact me ingame
Amitare Cortisol / Avai mae

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Hey there @Storm_Udano!

My name is CaseyLP, I am the Human Resources Director for Aideron Robotics. We accept all players, new or old, and make sure that our new players learn the ways of EVE, with many veterans willing to help, a very mature and respectful atmosphere, and even a training channel for you to voice all your questions!

We are a member of Federation Uprising, the largest faction warfare alliance in the entire game. In fact we are so large that not only do we do Faction Warfare, but we also hold sovereignty in Nullsec!

If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer any of them. You can find out how to apply at our recruitment post here: Aideron Robotics

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If you fancy trying Null Sec then give me a poke ?

We’d play with the skill queue together and get you into an interceptor for travelling and joining fights and concentrate on a way that YOU want to make ISK (normally ratting or mining out here) - advantage of null is the great ISK and the balance of PvE, mining and PvP, get to do a bit of everything !

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