[Galmil][FEDUP] Aideron Robotics - A Nullsec, Lowsec, Faction Warfare, PVP Corporation

Who We Are

Aideron Robotics is a Gallente Militia corporation composed of both Veterans and New Players alike. We are a member of the alliance Federation Uprising, the largest and best Faction Warfare alliance in the entire game. We are an inclusive group and we make sure that everyone feels at home in the corporation, committing ourselves to Mature and Respectful gameplay. In Aideron Robotics, you aren’t just part of any general in game group, you are a part of the Federation Uprising family, and we take care of our own.

In addition to the usual Low Sec operations that occur as we are a member of the proud Gallente Militia, we also live in Null Sec in addition to this, holding sovereignty in the Cloud Ring region as a member of the Galmilistan Coalition which is composed of several other Gallente Militia alliances also with sovereignty in Null Sec. Owning space in Null Sec opens up unique opportunities for our members, including money making opportunities in the form of Exploration, Gas Harvesting, and Ratting.

We are primarily a PVP corporation that encompasses all the major areas of PVP, some pilots specialize in Small Gang or Solo PVP in their free time while others may only do PVP during large fleet operations, and when the safety of our land comes under attack, we come together as a force virtually unstoppable.

PVP is our main style, but we host a robust industry wing in addition to this, being almost entirely self sufficient. Industry alts are welcome to apply to our Industry corp, which will be made known to you upon entering.

We also host our own personal Jump Freighter service, less than half as expensive as any public Jump Freighter service you can find, and with quick and efficient service.

We have members from every single timezone and have activities for all to participate in.

What We Offer

  • A Tight Knit community part of a larger Gallente Militia family

  • Almost Daily Fleets open to all members

  • An Active Discord Server for communications and general chit chat

  • Multiple ISK Making Opportunities, from Offensive Plexing in Low Sec, to Ratting in Nullsec, and many more

  • Experienced Fleet Commanders as well as the opportunity to learn FCing yourself

  • Regularly scheduled Moon Mining Ops that net our miners an enormous amount of money

  • Multiple Refineries and Engineering Complexes for all of your industrial needs

  • Planetary Interaction, both in Nullsec and Lowsec

  • Cheap In House Jump Freighter Services

  • New Player Resources: Videos, Training Channel, free ships handed out in fleet, and many veteran pilots who can offer their knowledge

Requirements To Join

  • Absolutely No Skill Point Requirements

  • Maturity and Respectfulness

  • Full API

  • Discord for Alliance Communication, Teamspeak for when working with other groups

How To Apply

First you must join our Discord server at: Federation Uprising Discord

Once you have joined, a bot will give you instructions on how to apply similar to the ones below.

  1. Visit http://federationuprising.com/ (If you are on a mobile device you will have to turn your device to landscape mode.

  2. Select “Auth”

  3. Select “Register”

  4. Enter a username (preferably your EVE account name). Password with confirmation, and Email with confirmation

  5. Select “Add API Key”

  6. Copy and Paste your API Key ID and Verification code in the appropriate sections (If you are unsure how to make a Full API Key, click the “Create a full API key” link on the page

  7. Select “Add Key”

  8. Select a Main Character

  9. Go to “Applications”

  10. Select “Create Application”

  11. Create and submit your application

  12. Wait for a recruiter to review your application and send you an invite in game

If you have any questions on how to apply or about the corporation/alliance in general, feel free to ask below

Aideron Robotics Website (Note: The website includes an outdated application form, please refrain from using this form)

EVE Who Aideron Robotics

EVE Who Federation Uprising

Aideron Robotics Killboard

Federation Uprising Killboard

Cloud Ring Assilot Constellation

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Recruitment still open! New or old we accept all.

Recruitment still open! Whether you like lowsec or nullsec, we got it all!

Want a mature and respectful minded corp? Aideron Robotics is recruiting! Join today!

With our alliance we took on 4 separate alliances last night, and achieved our tactical objective. If you want to be apart of awesome things like that, then join Aideron Robotics today!

We just took part in a very large and fun battle: Siege of Asakai

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Action to be had all the time, recruitment still open, for new and old alike!

Over 300 members and counting, join a family of capsuleers and be part of something greater.

Recruitment always open for new players or veterans alike!

We’ve been taking part in the latest siege on Oicx, over 1000 ships destroyed in the last day alone! If you want a piece of this action join Aideron Robotics today!

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Recruitment is still open! Fighting in Oicx continues!

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We have just captured a hostile system after days of intense fighting and thousands of ships destroyed, join the action today! Join Aideron Robotics.

Recruitment still open! Everyone is welcome to join!

Recruitment is still open! From 20v20 frigate fights to 150v150 Macherial brawls we do it all!

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