FEDUP/Aideron Robotics is Recruiting Capsuleers To Defend The Federation

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Recruitment Video

Federation Uprising is a Faction Warfare/Nullsec alliance that lives in the Essence region with sovereignty in Cloud ring. We are actively seeking players of all timezones, of all experience levels, to help us wage war against the Caldari Militia and all who would threaten the ideals of the Gallente Federation. Aideron Robotics is one of the founding members of FEDUP, and one of the oldest Faction Warfare corporations within the Gallente Militia, being founded in 2009 with the goal of providing fun and engaging gameplay for all of our members so as people could see the good in EVE.

We fly PVP fleets every day that are open to all manner of players, from the very newest to the hardened veterans, everyone has a place in our fleets, even the most important fleets. There is always something to do around the militia and the alliance, so you will never be lacking for action.

Now let’s get into the details:


  • Discord and Teamspeak 3
  • Use Discord for alliance wide communication, chat, and getting help
  • Willingness to learn if you’re a new player, and to join CTAs is one is in happening when you’re online. Everything we do is a team effort and everyone should be contributing to the cause
  • Fleet operations happen around the clock and we have full timezone coverage, participating in these fleets are some of the best way to learn more about EVE and you are highly encouraged to join every fleet
  • Willingness to train doctrine ships once core skills are at a solid level

Zkillboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/1894214152/

If you are interested in joining Aideron Robotics, join our alliance’s discord server and one of our recruiters will get in touch, or you can mention you are interested in joining.

FEDUP Discord: http://bit.ly/FEDUPDiscord


90M SP player looking for corp
Returning Noob with 21.7sp
23 mil pilot lookin for a us based corp
20m SP returning newbro
86.5m SP character looking for a new home
5 characters (2 people) looking for highsec/lowsec home with WH wing
PVP Player looking for a corp
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Recruitment still open!

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Join our cause today!

Alpha Newbro Looking for Casual Corp (possibly Australian Timezone)
Looking for a corp with a legitimately mature culture
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Recruitment still open!

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If you want to take part in epic battles like this https://zkillboard.com/related/30045308/201805180200/ join today!

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Recruitment still open!

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Fighting is currently intense, if you want in on the action join today!

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Recruitment still open!

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Machariel fleets, Punisher fleets, you name it, we got it, join today!

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Recruitment is still open!

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Help the cause, join today!

(Ryu Zoldyck) #12

I read somewhere that you do FW. Is that true?

(CaseyLP) #13

Indeed we do, we are a member of the Gallente Militia.

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Recruitment is still open!

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Invites sent within the day, send your app in today!

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Recruitment still open!

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If you want to get into battles like https://br.inyour.space/?s=45319&b=8110297&e=90&t=qLke , join today!

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Recruitment still open!

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Join us in our assault on the warzone, recruitment still open!

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Recruitment ongoing!