Federation Uprising - Are you FEDUP?

Are you fed up with being lost in EVE?
Are you fed up with not having the skills, equipment, or team to get the most out of EVE?
Are you fed up with leadership that leaves you high and dry?

Federation Uprising [FEDUP] is building a new kind of Alliance. Our goal is to maximize our member’s enjoyment and engagement with the game. Our leadership has years of FC, podcasting, and EVE analysis expertise and are happy to help YOU become the next master of EVE Online.

Whether you want to solo, small gang, or full fleet warfare, FEDUP has opportunities, resources, and knowledge to help YOU get the most out of your time in EVE.

These are dark times, and the State has demonstrated a lack of respect for the cluster, most recently by releasing the Kyonoke plague on humanity. Their rebellion, as well as the illegal Amarr slave trade, must be stopped, and we need capable, dedicated pilots to preserve freedom for the millions of baseliners that live within the borderlands between Caldari and Gallente sovereign space.

We need YOU to preserve freedom within the cluster, and help grow a new kind of EVE pilot, one not embittered or blind to the full offering of EVE Online, but rather pilots who are engaged, skillful, and most importantly, having fun.

Will you be FEDUP with us? Join our channel: FEDUP Pub fedup


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Coming off of our successful Operation Boomerang, we are taking a much-needed rest until the launch of Lifeblood.

Now is a GREAT time to get involved if you want to be ready for the next round of excitement!

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Bump! Join Aideron today!

I am a proud member of the Minmatar Militia. Is there any space for me? ( im currently a member of the Minmatar Militia and where I am content is real low, currently fighting for fleets, of my own corp(rather new join) to join me and fight the …amarr>.>… I want FW to be fun, but also wanna fight against the Amarr …looking for guidance)

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We do work with allied militiamen at times. In fact, ALWAR fleet came from the Minmatar warzone. Additionally being part of FEDUP does allow you to conduct operations in Amarr space, though we have avoided projecting there since we helped crush the Amarr in early summer.

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Recruitment is ever going!

FEDUP with bittervets ruining your day? Join FEDUP today!

Join the best group of people today! Join FEDUP!

We took on 4 alliances last night, and achieved our tactical objective. If you want to be apart of something like that, join FEDUP today!

Just took part in huge battle! Siege of Asakai

Join Federation Uprising today!

Action to be had 24/7, recruitment always open!

New or old alike, we accept all, join Federation Uprising today!

We are taking part in the Siege of Oicx, thousands upon thousands of ships destroyed in the last couple days! If you want to take part in this action join FEDUP today!