FEDUP - Federation Uprising - open to new and growing corps

Federation Uprising is one of the smaller legacy alliances on the border of coalition space. We are a largely pvp oriented group often looking for good fights at a variety of skill levels.
We are interested in taking on corps that are interested in a pvp focused lifestyle with all the perks of null living but in a smaller package than many big null alliances. Its all to easy to slip by the wayside in bigger groups, in FEDUP we always aim to do the best for our players and provide many outlets of game play.

-PVP content small gang subcaps, full HAC fleets, even access to some of the strongest capital and super fleet content in the game
-PVE with null sec anoms, deds, and incursions
-Full membership with legacy coalition and access to all the perks including strong markets, large and small scale combat, flash form responses for protection, and many more
-Industry and mining opportunities, don’t like pvp? Come down and do some mining or production. Living around big markets means there is always demand and we have space ripe to be harvested for its resources.
-A tight knit group that’s stuck together through thick and thin and always fights to the end. Despite our size we have a competent group of pilots always willing to fight tooth and nail, train newbros, and find a role or home for anyone.

If you are interested in joining up as a corp or a member to one of our corps or simply have questions please head to our public discord and ask to speak to a diplomat or recruiter:

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