Join Aideron Robotics a Gallente FW PvP Corp Today!

Interested in a UST and EU corporation that is based in Galmil FW? Are you an experienced pilot that wants to teach and lead fleets? Want to mentor new players and join a mature community that works together to help each other grow!

Or are you a new bro or alpha pilot that wants to learn from experienced pilots? Interested in Pvp and Indy??

Then check out Aideron Robotics!

We are a UST & EU corp based in GalMil with our focus on faction warfare.

What we provide:

  • Internal corporation freight services into and out of the warzone.
  • Ships for our proven Gallente doctrines ready on contract
  • Rare Moon Mining Goo from R32 to R64 Ores
  • Minerals and BPCs for construction of alpha equipment in our home
  • A strong group of active players
    • With a focus on individualized attention to our new members and developing leadership in our experienced players.
  • Tips, guides, and friendly folk with a strong culture of cooperation, sportsmanship, and maturity
  • Some of our members also do mission running, abyssal fleets, mining, and other PVE. You’ll never be bored as something is always going on.
  • We have a lot of opportunities for our experienced pilots to FC, mentor newer players, and become a crucial member of our infrastructure industry and PvP!
  • We have weekly PvP fleets in FW space covering from small fleets, gate camps, and fun solo-pvp!
    • Weekly “Training” fleets for our newer members
    • Blingy fleets for our experienced members :slight_smile:

if you are interested in applying to go to our website for more information.

or our discord

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Lots of Fleets today :slight_smile: Bump

Doing some mining ops! bumps

Gate camp action today with a roam with a friendly bump

Bump killed some caps :slight_smile:

bump! Took over Tama!!!


Fighting going on all over the warzone! Come back be a part of fit. Bump de bump

Some good Zkill fights!

Killing some structures!

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