Newbie trying to find his place

Brand new player (2 days) though I have been meaning to get into EVE for a while.
Obviously this game is better with others so here I am…

As I’m new to the game, I’ll be honest I have not decided what to focus on just yet though I do have PVP in mind at some point. I also work full time so although I will be online daily, there may be days I’m only on for the odd hour or so.

Basically just want to find a Corp that is beginner friendly and doesn’t expect too much and preferably has a wide area of focus, get to know New Eden and make some friends while at it ^.^

I’m fine using TS/Discord though I may not always be able to be in voice.
If it matters I do aim to stay upgraded (Omega) and for time zones etc I live in the UK.

Hello Sorom.

I’d be pleased to welcome you to my corporation. Currently we’re small because I just started the corp. We are currently focused on PvE content such as missions and exploration, but eventually will incorporate PvP as well. The only catch might be that everyone is operating from North American timezones. If that works for you, check out the ingame recruitment ad for Stellar Spectre Collective for more info and you can mail me any questions ingame too.

Hi Sorum,

I’m part of a small corporation ran by no more than 4 pilots with around 600 million combined skill points between them so there is a lot of experience to pool from. Their focus is PvE activities and Industry, a good stepping stone to learn the niches of EVE with less risk. If this is something you’d be interested, please write me a message either here or IG!

All the best,


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