Looking for a corp

Hi there. Do you have a spot at nullsec or wormhole space where i can do exploration? Please let me know… im am 33y old player eutz and new to eve online. I played his little brother eve echoes but im done with that.
Its now my second day at eve online and enjoy exploration.
Im still alpha but that wil change soon as i need to use cloak.
Hope to hear from some of you who have a open spot i can fill in

we have a small pocket of null space in Immensea, belong to a mid sized alliance, and a large coalition so you will have plenty of space to explore. we are EU TZ and are very active, so if you are too jump into shield107 in game for more info/chat. cheers Edrik.

Ill join up later edrik i did send you a mail ingame

Hi @Hellvape

TDSIN is recruiting!

We live in lowsec, so we’ve an abundance of wormhole connections for pvp content! We roam, hunt through wormholes, black ops drop on people, and do medium sized fights every day in USTZ and EUTZ!

We pvp throughout the whole of New Eden as all the wormhole connections allow us to move around a lot.

We also just turned 13 years old recently, and we’ve got a lot of older players and returning ones joining. We have a casual laid back approach to things so there’s no CTAs or mandatory operations.

We have an onboarding department to help new and returning players lives a bit easier when they join and if people want it we do a fair bit of mentoring and hand holding to make sure people know the ropes as best they can.

If any of that interests you, hop into “TDSIN Recruitment” channel in game and come have a chat!

Here’s the link to our recruitment post on the forums for the whole spiel:

mail sent back, meet you in shield107 cheers.

We are perfect for you :smiley:

In Game Chanel - Cartel.Pub
Discord: Imperium Cartel.
KB: Imperium Cartel. | Corporation | zKillboard

✪ IGC Alliance
✪ Member of The Imperium
✪ SEAT & Auth Are Must For All Toons
✪ We are a vet corp 5mil SP must
✪ Null Sec
✪ PVP/Industry/Ratting
✪ EU/US/AU Time Zones
Invidia Gloriae Comes - DOTLAN :: EveMaps
✪ Alliance/Coalition Discords/Team Speak

Hi there m8

come and join us, we are small and we are looking for a few rookies to guide in their process.

if you like exploring its all good as long you can combine it with some pew pew now and then :slight_smile:)

if you want to know more just have a look at our post below


oke so i can give you all the same stuff like these guys or we keep it normal and just have a talk over a beer :smiley:

come and join us

we are an independent pvp group that just play for fun

have a read at our post below


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