Looking for lowsec/nullsec home

Looking for a new home in low sec and/or null sec. Experienced character with 50 mill skill points looking for pve, exploration, combat sites, mining etc. Looking for a corp with sovereign space in null.

Hello there,

Do you have any interest in trying out WH space?

o7 after having a read through your post i’d think you’d be a exciting addition to our already strong corp please read my post below i’ve sent you this ingame too if you are interested the contact info is included :slight_smile: if not thanks for your time and best of luck o/

Hey dude, feel free to check us out - SOUSN lives in sov null, and we have access to everything on your list. Drop into our Discord if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Hi Hendrick,

I think you would enjoy 4S Corp. Why not come have a chat with us on Discord and check out our corp in action.

4S Corporation [Goonswarm] is recruiting!

What we provide:-

  • Access to fully upgraded systems for best ratting opportunities in New Eden
  • Corp & Alliance Ship Replacement Programs (Double SRP)
  • Regular large and small scale PVP fleets
  • Safest Null-Sec space to explore and make isk in
  • Access to premium moons
  • Access to biggest Null-Sec trade hub (0.0 Jita)
  • Strong Industry Backbone
  • Long time players with a vast knowledge of how the game works.
  • Corporation Discord (Very Active)

What we ask of you:-

  • Participation & activity.
  • More than 15 million SP.
  • No characters less than 30 days old.

Watch 4S in Action

Join our Discord and send us a message:

You Are Welcome
Join in our corp discord

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