☀ [SOUSN] South Sun Industries - Sov Null - EU/US TZ



SOUSN is seeking foolhardy pilots to join our ranks; we’re a proud member of the IGC alliance (part of Imperium) and we’re eager to welcome new recruits into our hearth and home!

We are a tight-knit community that splits its focus between PvP, industry, and PvE. We have a highly collaborative, friendly group of individuals, and we’re always welcome to those with a sense of humour. We have no place for toxicity or drama, we recognize this is just a game and not a job, and simply want to continue creating an exciting environment, full of banter and cheese. That being said, SOUSN is organised, goal-oriented, and has achieved incredible growth within her first year of inception.

Our current objectives centre around the development of our members into capable, experienced pilots, with a penchant for both world-building and blood-spilling, which is exactly what nullsec was made for.

If you’re new to null, we have a good degree of experienced pilots and a wealth of custom-made guides to give you a leg-up in your first couple of weeks. Our team is willing to help you achieve whatever goals you seek!


★ Well-rounded, comms-active pilots with an interest in PvP, Industry, and PvE
★ Self-starters with whacky ideas and a sense of adventure
★ Friends who simply want to talk nonsense and chill with a crazy bunch of dudes


★ An excellent selection of industry infrastructure across multiple regions
★ Regular corp-focused content, including industry projects & mining fleets
★ Privately-owned corp moons
★ Plenty of PvP opportunities with corp/alliance/coalition (including corp & alliance SRP)
★ Full access to one of the largest player-run markets in the game
★ A wide selection of buybacks on corp, alliance, and coalition level
★ Corp-exclusive jump freight service
★ Thriving community that extends into the real world.
★ A friendly, organised and no-drama group that puts player needs first


★ Full ESI registration
★ Discord (corp comms), TeamSpeak (alliance) & Mumble (coalition)
★ A working mic
★ Omega account
★ Minimum of 8m SP and 5 months of in-game history

We primarily operate in the EU TZ, but we do hold a sizeable US population.

Any potential applicants should start by completing a short questionnaire via a ticket on our Discord, as well as registering on our corp & alliance authenticators, following which a member of the leadership team will start a chat with you. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response (though we do try to respond immediately).


Still recruiting! Send me an in-game message if you’re interested in helping a brand new corp grow.

South Sun Industries is still looking for new blood! Newbros are more than welcome!

Great to see our first few members join us these past couple days. We’re still open for recruitment, head on over to our Discord, or feel free to chat in-game!

We’re still recruiting! Check us out!

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More and more new members are dropping in, it’s been awesome! As ever, still recruiting :slight_smile:

Still recruiting! Drop in any time!

We’re still taking on new recruits, drop in any time!

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We’re working towards acquiring our first manufacturing station - join us today!

We’re still looking for new blood! Drop in and say hi!

messageed you in game - sonoros rahl is my char name

We had a short hiatus on recruitment, but we’re back and open for business again!

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We’re still looking for new pilots to join our ranks, but our entry requirements have changed slightly due to our new position in null-space.

The corp is still growing, but we need like-minded folks to help expand our horizons!

Still recruiting. Pop into Discord any time!

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We’re taking on more challenges as a corp every day, join us on Discord any time!