Orbits are recruiting -PvP - PvE- Guristas space

Of note we offer:

  • Alliance Comms & Discord
  • Small Gang PvP
  • A fun, edgy experience in NPC Nullsec.
  • A Cadre of Skilled, Experienced Leadership To Help You Succeed.
  • plenty of space for ratting and mining
  • Plenty of chances to lead and shape the corporation and your eve experiance !

We don’t ask for much from our pilots. An interest in PvP is a must, but we are a mature corporation who also understand our best members are often busy professionals with families and “rl” obligations.

Our ideal pilots:

  • PvP Regularly (no hard minimums however)
  • Get On Comms
  • Interact In A Fun, Social and Amicable Way
  • Enjoys the challenges of NPC nullsec.

join “orbits pub” in game and lets blow nerdz up !


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Recruitment open

US/EU TZ PvP Players wanted

want a chill corp to have fun with? contact us!

Join us today


Recruitment open

Eu/Us tz pilots wanted PvP miners/mission runners welcome

pvp pilots wanted join the free men of the north

Join today , pvp/miners/ mission runners welcome

Pilots wanted join “orbits pub” in game to start your new journey with us