[FQDIT] - Recruitment Open [NULLSEC] - US / EU TZ

[FQDIT] Firing Squadron

#Recruitment - “Join FQDIT” - ingame recruitment channel or click this discord link - and talk to Frodo Alabel or the wounded

What do we Offer as a Corp?

We offer a fair bit, especially for a new Corp just set-up with a path into nullsec space.

ISK Generation:

→ Nullsec Ratting

→ Exploration

→ Planetary Interaction (We can guide your hand)

→ Industry / Mining

→ Abyss (running from safe(ish) nullspace)

PvP / Risky Business:

→ Alliance level PvP

→ Corp run roams

→ Defence Fleets when the need requires it

→ Gate Camps / Bubble Camps

What do we require from you?

We require very little, as we are all aware that Real Life can kick anyone square in the balls these days. However, we do have a set of “requirements”.

→ Minimum 2mill SP requirement - Omega preferred.

→ Willing to learn (and or teach with regards to your own experiences)

→ Usage of Comms (We will use Discord (Corp) and TS / Mumble)

And that is it - if you did bring some extra PvP experience, or Nullsec know-how to our group - then this is a plus. However, being in a rather well organised Alliance affords us the time to recruit well, get used to being out here making ISK while contributing to the Alliance in regards to attending certain operations and learning how to survive in Nullsec (with regards to losing ships and making ISK).

We are currently recruiting a small number of like minded pilots, PvP / Indy / ISK Makes!

We are currently looking for PvP and PvE pilots for nullsec space <3 Come live the good life!

Recruiting good people, come and live the good life with us! :slight_smile:

Recruitment ongoing! Come join in the fun! <3

Recruitment is still open. Join “Join FQDIT” in eve! :slight_smile:

Get in on the good life with us up here!

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Stepping up our recruitment - Looking for PvP / ISK Makers / Industrialists! EU / US TZ <3