[FQDIT] - Recruitment Open [NULLSEC] - US / EU TZ

[FQDIT] Firing Squadron is recruiting!

Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98664318/
Alliance KB: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99009168/

Part of Valkyrie Alliance - Based in Nullsec.
We offer a safe(ish) space to make ISK, with plenty of PvP content on our doorstep!

± Excellent Nullsec Pocket (and blue space)
± ISK Generation: Ratting / Mining / Industry and Exploration
± Alliance PvP Ops / PvP Pilots/FC’s needed for Corp roams!
± Mineral / Ore / Loot / PI Buyback Program
± Great PI Capable planets
± 15mill SP min + SEAT Required Come live the good life!

We are somewhat a new corporation - 30+ heartbeats in the Corp - Looking to grow with quality pilots to help us make isk, protect our assests and have copiuos amounts of fun!

Interested? Would you like to know more?

Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/YaJbep36EY

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We are currently recruiting a small number of like minded pilots, PvP / Indy / ISK Makes!

We are currently looking for PvP and PvE pilots for nullsec space <3 Come live the good life!

Recruiting good people, come and live the good life with us! :slight_smile:

Recruitment ongoing! Come join in the fun! <3

Recruitment is still open. Join “Join FQDIT” in eve! :slight_smile:

Get in on the good life with us up here!

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Stepping up our recruitment - Looking for PvP / ISK Makers / Industrialists! EU / US TZ <3

NUmbers are ticking up nicely - looking for a core 8-12 PvP pilots for roams / home def + ISK making :slight_smile:

Growing steadily - come join and have fun!

Ongoing and expanding!!! :smiley: Come Join FQDIT, and be part of something more.

Recruiting PvPers / PvE’rs <3 mon make some friends!

Updated post - come and have fun!

Recruiting PvPers - come live the good life and be part of something Sue Perb.

Taking on PvP Pilots, ISK making and Blowing stuff up! :smiley:

Recruiting the baws aff a brass monkey and the tits aff his wife! PvP pilots needed o7

LF PvP Pilots / FC’s :slight_smile:

Come join us in Nullsec - fights, isk plenty of laughs!

Plenty happening PvP wise! Looking for 15millSP + a thirst for PvP! :smiley: