Attention All Pilots!

Are you tired of the same old routine of highsec life? Do you want to experience the thrill of PVP combat in Nullsec? Join Firing Squadron, a proud member of the Rent-A-Friend alliance and take the first step towards becoming a seasoned PVP pilot.

We are currently seeking EU timezone pilots but welcome pilots from all timezones to join our ranks. Our home base is in NPC Nullsec, where you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make ISK, including moon mining, combat sites, level 4 NPC missions and of course traditional belt ratting. Additionally, we offer a low tax rate of only 2% on Planetary Interaction (PI) activities to help you maximize your profits.

At Firing Squadron, we believe in supporting our members. That’s why we have a corp ore buyback scheme at 90% of Jita buy price, ensuring that you receive a fair price for your hard work. We are a PVP-focused corporation, with a focus on small to medium gang warfare. Join our elite ranks and help us continue our legacy of destroying 7.63 trillion ISK worth of spaceships.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become part of a dynamic and dedicated team of pilots. Visit our corp killboard at Firing Squadron | Corporation | zKillboard to see our impressive record of success. Apply now and become a member of Firing Squadron!

Public Channel: JOIN FQDIT
Recruitment Contacts: Minx Smasher, Frodo Alabel

This is the time to get back into some good old small to midscale PvP!

Recruitment Open! Come PvP with us! <3

The Recruitment goes on! <3 come make friends!

The recruitment is OPEN - Had some great fights recently! <3

We still recruiting pilots. We’ve been having a lot of fights recently.

If you want laid back place to hang out but with action available check us out.

And another little bump for good measure, we’re still looking for a select few to join us on our journey.

We’re still on the hunt for some social pilots who like to get stuck in.

We’re in NPC null and have some chilled/lazy PVP and the occasional organised fleet. If you want to fly with a nice group of people without too much stress look us up. Our corp is mainly in EU TZ but we have one or two of the yankees!

You can join our public channel or discord, or message us in game.

Another bump before bed. Still recruiting.

Come join us and tickle my pickle!

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