Nullsec PvPvE Corp - LF PvP and PvE Pilots, for chill times

[FQDIT] Firing Squadron is recruiting!

Killboard: Firing Squadron | Corporation | zKillboard
Alliance KB: Valkyrie Alliance | Alliance | zKillboard

Part of Valkyrie Alliance - Based in Nullsec.
We offer a safe(ish) space to make ISK, with plenty of PvP content on our doorstep!

± Excellent Nullsec Pocket (and blue space)
± ISK Generation: Ratting / Mining / Industry and Exploration
± Access to Moon Mining
± Alliance / Coalition PvP Ops / PvP Pilots / FC’s needed for Corp roams!
± Mineral / Ore / Loot / PI Buyback Program
± Great PI Capable planets
± PvP Capable + SEAT Required Come live the good life! (Case by case basis)

We are somewhat a growing corporation - 10+ heartbeats in the Corp - Looking to grow with quality pilots to help us make isk, protect our assests and have copiuos amounts of fun! Looking for EU and US TZ.

Interested? Would you like to know more?

Join our Discord server:

Looking to up our ranks will chill individuals!!! Or incorporate corps into us!

We are looking for chilled out PvPers and PvErs to come join our ranks. Lots of tidi free content now the war is over!

Looking for well rounded individuals! Lets live the good life together!

Getting some traction, but we still open :slight_smile:

Taken on some new blood - looking for me :slight_smile:

Come have some good null content! :smiley: LETS PLAY

Still recruiting, we are open and fun and super chillll!

We are OPEN for more people to come in!

Getting ready for some PEW! :smiley: Come Make ISK - Destroy ISK and have fun doing it!

Still recruiting our tits aff!

Check oot the killboard! Come join, have a laugh and chill the ■■■■ oot

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