Firing Squadron - NPC Nullsec - PVP

Are you tired of the mundane highsec grind? Are you craving the thrill of PVP battles in the unforgiving landscapes of Nullsec? Look no further than Firing Squadron, a proud member of the Rent-A-Friend alliance, and embark on an exciting journey to become a seasoned PVP pilot.

Why Join Firing Squadron?

  • Diverse Timezones: We’re actively seeking pilots from both EU and US timezones, but everyone from around the world is welcome to join our ranks.

  • Home in NPC Nullsec: Our home base in NPC Nullsec offers a wide array of opportunities to fill your coffers, from lucrative moon mining and combat sites to challenging level 4 NPC missions and classic belt ratting.

  • Low Tax, High Profits: Enjoy a mere 2% tax rate on Planetary Interaction (PI) activities, allowing you to maximize your earnings.

  • Corp Ore Buyback: We value your hard work. Benefit from our ore buyback scheme at 90% of Jita buy prices, ensuring you receive fair compensation.

  • PVP Excellence: Firing Squadron is all about PVP, with a focus on small to medium gang warfare. Join our ranks and contribute to our legacy of destroying 7.63 trillion ISK worth of spaceships.

Check out our impressive record of success on our corp killboard and see for yourself.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join our dynamic and dedicated team of pilots. Connect with us in our public channel FQDIT Pub or contact Slik for recruitment inquiries.

Apply now and become a part of the Firing Squadron family—where adventure and burning wrecks await!

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For the general public here. Do you execute people via firing squadron of tornados? Say a spy has been caught? etc.

Love the name.

We have various ways of carrying out executions.

I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, and thanks for your kind words!

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We’re still recruiting, come and join our public channel or shoot me an evemail. Your destiny awaits.

we’re still recruiting feel free to hit me up ingame or via evemail.

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We are recruiting like minded people like ourselves - get into our ingame chat for some info from Slik and or myself!!

we iz still recruiting pilots y0.

Good group of guys. Join us. :slight_smile:

Just when I thought I was out

and here we go again, we recruited a new member recently, still looking for a few good men…or women :slight_smile:

weekend bump. come chat to us in our public channel. We still want a few pilots!

We’re still open for business. If you’re after a chill place to enjoy the game with fellow chill corp-mates come and talk to us!

Eyyyy we’re still on the hunt for a few more people. Hit me up ingame if you’re like to know more!

All time-zones welcome though we are focussing more in Europe right now.

Come enjoy GW with lots to do! PvP, PvE and some Mining etc! :slight_smile:

Great group of people always something to do :+1:

Looking for good quality living? Come hang with us!

Come hang in GW!

Still on the lookout for pilots to join us.

  • Be Self Sufficient
  • Chill
  • Enjoy PVP
  • Enjoy being social
  • Be active

Just a lil delicate bump still looking for 3-4 pilots.

Great corp