Firing Squadron - NPC Nullsec - PVP

Things be moving! Come Join!

a lil bump for more pilots! still recruiting, look for self sufficient low drama people who like a touch of everything but mostly killing!

Come on already!

Lots of movement, get in while the going is good!

And we continue on our bloodbath in GW. Still looking for a few good men, and perhaps even a few good ladies? :slight_smile:

As we continue to grow - we are still taking on more pilots! <3

GW needs more of you!

This is the Corp to join, lots of content and never a dull moment.

Come and have fun in GW!

I joined just over a month ago. more fun had in the last few weeks than the previous 6 months.

We are still actively recruiting to maximise the fun!

Come one, come all… Good times ahead

We still be on the lookout for people who enjoy this game and the social side as well as turning spaceships into wrecks.

Talk to me ingame or join our public channel!