Returning Player 150mil SP Looking for Null-Sec corp EU/US TZ

Returning player needs to learn the ropes again. Looking for 0.0 based Corp preferably with access to high-tier Angel rats. I offer witty Scottish tosh/banter and some real nice pvp ideas.

Contact me in game

Hey We live in Angels Space!!! come check us out!

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If you’re looking for angel rats and have a knack for PvP my corp is right up your alley. We are a small/midscale corp based in scalding pass that love blops, midscale fleet fights, as well as any other thing that gets us content. Can find our corp ad here: Privi Partizan Midscale and Blops-Centric PvP - #26 by Asar_Kardde

If interested feel free to hop in our corp discord here and chat with me or another corp member.

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